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Affective Disorders

~~General Resources & Information~~

~~Defining Mood Disorders and Diagnoses:~~
What is Bipolar I Disorder?
What is Bipolar II Disorder?
What is Cyclothymic Disorder?
What is Dysthymic Disorder?
What isMajor Depressive Disorder?
What isSeasonal Pattern Specifier?
What is
Information on Suicide
What is Childhood Depression Disorder?

~~ Getting the All-Important Diagnosis ~~
I'd like to make mention that I do not have my M.D. degree, nor am I a psychiatrist. I do have my M.A. in psychological counseling, however, I can only offer you what I've already learned from my textbooks and the information that I've obtained off the net.

I'd also like to make you aware that your wise friends and relatives are not doctors either. Only you and your doctor can determine the best customized treatment plan for you. I hope that this site can help you better understand this illness and please remember that the information that you find on this site is only intended as an aid to understand and/or come to terms with your diagnosis. The first few steps on the path to psychological growth is to get a correct diagnosis and I cannot stress this important issue enough.

~~Seeking the right professional care~~

Genetic Components
Basic Neuron(detailed & descriptive)

Limbic System

~~Treatment Plans~~
Drug therapy (Chemotherapy)
Cognitive-behavior Therapy
Electroconvulsive Shock Treatment
Shock treatment,brain damage and memory loss
Art Therapy and Pet Therapy

~~Building a Good Support System~~
Family & Friends

~~Charting your moods~~
Warning Signs Chart
Relaxation Techniques
Look At Your Lifestyle
Building Self-Esteem
Light - A Natural Mood Elevator

~~Finding ways to cope~~
Coming up from Depression
Coming down from Mania

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