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Apinkd.jpg ariel pink's haunted graffiti 2

01. good kids make bad grown ups (5:00)
02. strange fires (4:05)
03. among dreams (4:20)
04. for kate i wait (4:18)
05. haunted graffiti (3:48)
06. gray sunset (3:36)
07. the doldrums (4:10)
08. envelopes another day (5:08)
09. the ballad of bobby pyn (10:55)

10. don't think twice (love) (2:06)
11. until the night dies (3:41)
12. crying (2:16)
13. theme from unreleased "claris gardens" (2:54)
14. let's build a campfire there (4:13)
15. young pilot astray (2:28)

The Doldrums + portions of Vital Pink recorded in
Val Verde CA, Sept. 99 – April 00 on Yamaha MT8 cassette
All songs written, recorded and performed by ariel
Other tracks recorded in LA 2001 – 2003.
2nd in a series.
For elana.

amglogo.gif AMG REVIEW: Originally released as a CD-R, this acid-fried eight-track recording by this odd newcomer to Animal Collective's Paw Tracks label is one of the most wonderfully skewed takes on classic pop you're likely to hear. Tape warp and vintage hiss and hum are the outerwear, but some serious '70s radio songcraft dwells underneath. This is the stuff Bowie heard in his dreams when not being terrorized by Satan living in his swimming pool. So dang it if we don't have a lo-fi revival on our hands. But this new batch seems bound and determined to drag listeners back with writing so catchy and sounds so warm that it's impossible to resist. Just pretend you're Steve Buscemi's character in Ghost World, and Maxell cassettes are the new 78-rpm records.

–Joshua Glazer, All Music Guide

customer review of Doldrums on

**** 4stars "Assfinger", November 30, 2004
Reviewer: Jared B. Morrison "Licky Oats" (NYC)
     A friend suggested that I pick up this CD, and after searching 5 record stores in NYC, I finally located the only copy at Virgin in X Square. So after a long day of work, I put this in and, on the first listen of the first track, I yelled "WTF WAS HE THINKING?!!?!".. but by the time I was finished with the second track, I think I 'got it'. I described it as the first time a girl ever sticks a finger up your arse when she is slopping away at a bj. You will be "WTF ARE YOU DOING?" but in just a few seconds you will be on a different plane of existance. And in a year, you will own an ASSortment of asstoys. This album is definitely an assfinger.

uncutthumb.jpg all songs p + c Paw Tracks 2004
Paw Tracks Records
PO Box 20368, New York, NY 100009



Audio Lunchbox (99˘ downloads)


Live at Tonic NYC 11-21-04

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