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Lonishi's Story

Hey, I'm Lonishi! As if you couldn't tell, I'm a Yoshi, from the tropical island of...well, Yoshi Isle. Real crafty name, no? I think it suits me well.

Anyway, I have a little story to tell, if you're really that interested. It's a story about life, and how the most simple of things can change it drastically.

Where to start? Well, the beginning is always nice...

It was a quiet, peaceful night on the island of Yoshis. One particular tribe, the one located on the southern coast, was at a bit of an excited state. Many of the villager-Yoshis crowded around one particular hut, guarded by a dark blue Yoshi. He sat on a post right outside the door to the cane and wood home, nervously swishing his tail to and fro.

Every once in a while, he would attempt to poke his head into the straw door, only to get scolded and tossed out by a group of multi-colored females. The surrounding Yoshis smirked at this. They had been watching the episode for about three hours, and found each scolding more funny than the first.

"What, I'm not even allowed into my own home, even when my wife is hatching my own child?" the blue Yoshi asked, arms outstretched in a curiously irritated manner.

"Shut ya trap. You know she needs to be relaxed, and you'll only aggravate her," a yellow female plainly stated before disappearing into the hut.

The male shrugged and gave up, deciding it was best his wife be as calm as possible if she were to birth her child as safely as she knew how. He sat back on his perch and began thinking of names for his soon-to-be offspring.

And now, for the first appearance of yours truly...!

Inside the hut in the back room sat a female Yoshi, of the red-skinned persuasion. She sat in a large nest, carefully rocking back and forth on a small spotted egg. Ever so often, she would sit up and check on the tiny bundle, then hum a tiny song in anticipation.

The other females in the room sat in the far corner, watching every move. Their purpose in the hatching was somewhat similar to the common human nurse: clean the newborn. Other than that, they really did nothing but sit and watch, murmuring to one another in an excited manner.

The red female felt a small tap in her thigh. She stood up and looked at her egg, which was slowly beginning to crack. She smiled, "It'll only be a little while longer, girls."

The others giggled and ushered the yellow one to the door to tell the father, who nearly fainted from shock. She ran back inside as she heard someone yell.

"It's hatching! Quick, get a pitcher of water ready!"

The egg tilted slowly to the side as the new mother peeled a piece of the shell away to peek inside. A tiny pair of eyes squinted, then blinked as they opened, looking up at its parent, who in turn smiled warmly.

"That's it, baby, just keep it up. You'll be born in no time at all."

The other girls laughed quietly upon hearing a growl coming from the shell. The hatchling was trying as hard as possible to break free, grunting until two feet sprouted, wiggling all the while.

"Oh, it's purple! The child's purple!"

"Shhh, wait, we don't even know if it's male or female."

Giving one last push, the child's head popped up, it shaking and looking around with a small utter of Yoshi.

Well, I'm going to take the liberty of skipping the next part. I mean, you know what happened. I came out of my shell, all ooey and gooey from that stuff I swam in for months. Plus, have you ever seen a newborn Yoshi? Ugly little boogers, I tell ya.

Oh, I forgot to mention. I look nothing like my parents. You see, my father was a dark blue color while my mom, a fiery red. If you didn't know, mixing these two colors results in a royal purple of some sort, which is one reason my story gets kind of crazy after a while, but I'll tell you about that soon enough.

When the father was finally allowed in, he quickly stumbled into the far room, grinning wide at the sight of his wife before him. In her arms, she cradled a tiny bundle, wrapped in cloth. He came closer, nuzzling his face into the cloth and laughing slightly as the tiny nose inside snuggled back.

"What is the baby? Boy or girl? What about the color? Blue or red?" he asked eagerly.

His wife lifted the cloth from the baby's face, "A girl and both."

The blue Yoshi stared in disbelief, "Wow, she's beautiful, but that color...what will the tribe leader say?"

"Shhhh, darling, don't worry. He'll understand once we tell him. In the meantime, would you help me with a name?" she asked, taking her husband's hand in hers.

"Well, I only had time to review a list of boy does Lonnieshi sound? I think it's rather fitting for such a beauty with such a lovely skin."

The lady shook her head, "Doesn't it sound a little...more fitting for a boy?"

The blue Yoshi rubbed his chin in thought, "Well...we could take out an n and the e. How is that?"

The mother held her baby up gingerly. She gave a smile, "I think it suits her well."

Boy, talk about a strange name. At least my mom wasn't in charge of that. I'd be something dorky like Lynettishi. I guess Lonishi does have a nice ring to it...

The night seemed to be going rather well, with the newcomer to the Yoshi tribe. But all was not as it seemed, for later in the night, a great tragedy happened. The different-shaded family were jolted awake sometime after Lonishi's hatching by sudden screams echoing through the village.

"Oh my!" the red female cried out, holding her child to her bosom in fear, "What was that?"

The blue male jumped up and peeked outside. His eyes went wide as torch-carrying Yoshis lit up the square. Something did not feel right, but he tip-toed out nonetheless, jumping into the frenzied group.

The group marched hurriedly towards the end of the town on the high hill, in which the tribe leader's large bamboo palac stood. Maids and servants came running out, nearly trodding over the group in the night. When asked what had happened, they shrieked.

"He's been murdered! Our leader is dead!"

The blue Yoshi stood out from his crowd, "Dead? He can't be!"

He pushed past the royal servant-Yoshis and bolted inside the fortress. Inside the royal chamber, the male gasped at the sight before him. In his own blood, the once great tribe leader and his queen were lying motionless.

Yeah, real tragedy it was. And a strange night was unfolding. Purple Yoshis born to red and blue parents, royal families murdered...yeup, it was the beginning of the rest of my life. Don't worry if you don't understand just yet. I guarantee it'll all make sense later.


All areas of the village were filled with mourning Yoshis. News of their lost leader seemed to have flown abroad with the wind. With only the light from torches burning, they held a funeral for the late family.

Members of the court of officials gave speeches about how wonderful a Yoshi the leader was, while some soldiers prepared for the funerary ritual. They carefully set the deceased in a stick-drawn circle on the ground in the middle of the silent crowd as the advisor to the throne took his place at the head of the crowd.

This particular Yoshi had been serving next to the leader himself for many years. He held a solemn expression against his charcoal skin. Long claws had grown upon his paws, and he wore a crimson robe. This Yoshi often intimidated the villagers by only his looks, but today, his words sent eerie chills down their spiked spines.

The villagers looked to one another uncomfortably. They turned their heads back towards the creepy advisor as he ushered the torch-holders to blow our their flames.

In the intense darkness, one flame was left as it danced on a stick held by the black Yoshi. The flames reflected from his eyes as he lowered the stick on the bodies of the royal family, setting them ablaze.

The red female cried as she clutched her child. Her husband embraced her and watched on as the bodies turned to ashes and were nothing more. The gathering wind would soon pick them up and carry them into the afterlife.


The next morning, as the sun began to rise over the shoreline, the distraught Yoshis were called to the square once more, this time by the village officials. They had an important announcement to make.

When all colors of Yoshis were seated along wodden benches, the officials stood up. One began to speak.

"Citizens, we have called upon you in a state of emergency. As of last night, this tribe