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Are you leaving already? Did you have fun? Well, here's a nice collection of other Yoshi links for you to see and enjoy! Come back now, ya hear?



The Cutest Little Yoshi Page

This site lives up to its name! Not only is it adorable, but it comes complete with a vast arrangement of information, like images and even a shopping center!

Droshi's Island

It is an island of fabulous art! Rent a boat and go on in!

Luna's Sanctuary

Just as the title says, it is a wonderful sanctuary! This girl is one of the best Yoshi artists around, and here's the site to prove it!

The title says it all! It is one of the best Yoshi art sites on the internet, and it has everything a Yoshi fan could want, including downloads and images galore!

The Yoshi Fan Club

Are you a Yoshi fan? Well, here is a place just for you, complete with news, contests, and fan-oriented fun! Join today!

Yoshi's Melon Patch

Did you know Yoshi grows his own patch of internet goodiness? Well, you'll become a believer if you see this place! It is chocked full of information regarding Yoshi!

Super Mario-Related

The Luigi Awareness Society

Are you aware of Mario's younger brother, Luigi? If not, you had better come here and get to know the green-clad plumber. Lonishi commands it!

Mario and Luigi's Role-Play Board

Do you like to role-play? You should come on down and create your own character! The role-playing is active 24 hours a day!

The Mushroom Kingdom

From Nintendo past to Nintendo future, this site has anything the Mario-fanatic could possibly want!

Neglected Mario Characters

Mario has always stolen the show. Find out what happens when less popular characters are the star attractions! A must-see for entertainment-hungry fans!

The Super Mario Bros. Quiz

We're all like one of the Mario Bros. characters in some form or fashion. Find out which you're more like! Oh, and before you even ask, Lonishi was most like...Yoshi!

(The Yoshi-Verse only shows links of Yoshi sites that have the best source of information for fans, as well as entertaining sites. If you think you qualify, email Lonishi at and send your site today!)

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