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Droppin' Yoshi Knowledge

Where is the Yoshi from?

Somewhere far out beyond the oceans rests the enchanting island known as Yoshi Isle, a tropical paradise and home to the inhabitants in which it was named: the Yoshi. A truly unique species, the Yoshi race is an easy-going group of creatures, each with their patented traits and abilities.

Are Yoshis male or female?

It is difficult to distinguish the two sexes, but both exist. All Yoshis lay eggs, but only the female can hatch offspring.

How do Yoshis eat?

Yoshis have an unusual digestion system. One reason being the fact that they can eat nearly anything they can get into their mouths. Usually, a Yoshi uses its long, elastic tongue to catch its prey, it being tropical fruits.

The Yoshi also has a strange talent of making eggs from the food it eats. It is solely up to it to decide whether or not to digest or make eggs.

Why do all Yoshis lay eggs?

Yoshis usually lay eggs for protection. If an enemy is nearby, the Yoshi simply eats a foe and lays it as an egg. This allows the Yoshi to flee on its fast feet.

However, since Yoshis are reptiles, laying eggs is a form of reproduction.

Yoshis come in many colors. Why?

When Yoshis were first introduced to the world, they came in four colors: red, blue, yellow, and green. As simple as mixing paint, red and blue Yoshis mated to create purple, and so on. Often, a rare black or white Yoshi is born.

Yoshi + Yoshi = Yoshi
Yoshi + White Yoshi = Yoshi
Yoshi + Yoshi = Yoshi

It is all a matter of knowing the color wheel.

Why do Yoshis only say "Yoshi"?

Like a cat meows in different pitches, a Yoshi can use the same word to mean its entire vocabulary. Some are easier to distinguish, like a high-pitched Yoshi sound can mean distress or utter glee. A low-pitched Yoshi sound can mean anger or injury.

Yoshis wear boots and saddles. Are they domesticated?

Yoshis need no domestication in the least, since they easily adapt to anything and are extremely friendly creatures. The origin of the saddle and boots are unknown, but one would think the earliest Yoshis acquired them from nomads, giving them the ability to run at top speed and carry people. Yoshis will use the saddle to carry offspring more often than actual people.

Are Yoshis scaly?

Yoshis appear to have a smooth shark-like outer skin. Upon close inspection, they do not seem to have scales of any sort, except for the four growing along their neck.

Why do some Yoshis have wings?

Only the most rare Yoshis are born with wings, but all are able to sprout them at any given time, as long as they hold a blue Koopa shell in their mouths. Yoshis were not meant to be air creatures, so their flying abilities are rather dull.

How can I find a Yoshi?

You would first need to find a large, green pipe protruding from the ground. On the other side is the Mushroom Kingdom, and from there, you can ask for the guiding of a red-clad plumber by the name of Mario. He'll be glad to take you there personally.

(Answers were created by Lonishi according to her. They do not necessarily reflect on the actual truth of the Yoshi, only her knowledge of them.)