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How to use Microsoft Excel


First, to open Excel click on the “Start” button once. Put your mouse on “Programs”. Then search the list and click on “Microsoft Excel”.

Now that you have opened Excel you must know some terminology.


                             Microsoft Excel Terminology:


Cell – The basic component of Microsoft Excel. A small box where you may type text, calculations, and other fun stuff.


Row – A row is the horizontal line of cells (first row is numbered 1)


Column - The vertical line of cells (first column is lettered A)


Calculation – A formula used to calculate numbers


Format toolbar – the toolbar that contains the font box, size box, bold/italic/underline buttons, alignment buttons, etc.


Font box – the rectangular box that has the current font type and an arrow on it. Used to select font by clicking on the arrow and scrolling down and then clicking the font wanted.


Size box – a rectangular box adjacent to the font box that contains a number (current font size) and an arrow. Type the number of font size you’d like or click the arrow and scroll through then select the size wanted.


          Well now that you’ve got your basic terminology down we’ll start with some basic things you can do with Excel.


Writing in a cell(s)


To select a cell left click on a box once. To type something in the cell simply start typing. To format something you’ve typed hold down left click and highlight the words by dragging your mouse over it. Then click the “font box” or “size box” on the “format toolbar” and select what type of font and/or size you’d like it. A color may be chosen for the font by clicking on the box that has an ‘A’ and an arrow on it and selecting the color wanted for the highlighted text. You can also change the background color of a cell by clicking on the desired cell, then click on the box with a paint can on it and select the desired color by clicking on it.


How to highlight/select a row and/or column


To select/highlight a row and/or column, simply click the letter of the column or number of the row. All the cells in that row/column will be selected. This can be used for changing the font, text size, background color, etc. To select all the cells (for the same purposes), simply click the gray box to the left of the first column and directly above the first row.


How to insert a hyperlink


To insert a hyperlink, first select a cell. Then click on the button that has a picture of a world and a chain. A box will pop up. Type in the words you want displayed in the “Text to display:” box provided. To choose what URL the hyperlink links to, type the file or web page name in the “Type the file or web page name:” box. You must include http:// when you type the URL.




Then click ok.


How to select a cell that is not currently on the screen


To select a cell that is not currently on the screen you must click on the box that has the letter and number of the current cell that is near the top left of the screen. Then type the cell letter and number you would like to jump to.


Example: A1 or Z66


To correct all of your spelling errors


First you need to go to the top of your screen with the cursor, click in the word at the top that says tools.  Once you have done that you need to click on the word that says spelling then you either ignore its help for the word, then it does not correct it, or you can hit change and it corrects your mistake for you.  Once you are done it will say, “The spelling check is complete for the entire sheet.”  Once you have done all that you are finished correcting all of your spelling and grammar mistakes. 



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