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Morte's Sleeping Chambers

This is the second deadliest place to trespass in the stronghold itself. This room though normally sealed all the time has a formidable entrance to it. The black sleen are known to rest in the darkly lit hall going towards Morte's chambers. There are nocks and crannies that the beast tuck into that make them seem as if they aren't even there until the spring out of their hiding spots. The sleeping chambers itself is something of an oddity, everything seems to be brightly lit and comforting but in the blink of an eye it can turn from inviting to anyone’s worst nightmare well anyone except the person that sleep there. Here are numerous traps in this room, from a room seal, to capture nets to hidden darts staged in certain places to protect the normal occupants of the room.

10 guards at all the entrance hall. Black sleens in large numbers tucked into the shadows all over the place.