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Forest Base Camp

This is the camp of operations deep in the mists of a dark forest. In the past this area was an extremely dangerous area of the forest. Panther girls were known to strike here time and time again. They usually attacked to try to break up hunting parties envading their domain for either sport after them or sport of the game in the forest that they survive off of. Since the time ShadowStalker found it and made it His base camp however, the dangers here have become far more dangerous for those that would come here and strike out at the Masters forming up here, instead of the Masters that are here. ShadowStalker has been around and in usual fashion has laced numerous traps in the area surrounding the camp and His sucessor Morte seems to be one that enjoyed the complexity of the traps and left them for use of His Own. Some of the traps are strong enough to take the mighty forest sleens off their feet until they are allowed back down to the ground to be freed, of course that is if they are allowed back down at all less alone alive. Other traps are simple pits that people fall in that they never come out of alive. So do tred lightly here and whatever you do, do not forget these are the wilds, even more so when Morte walks amongst the night. T5 is the fighting style here and must be used at all times and properly.