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Raids in these lands aren't impossible but there are a few simple rules to raiding these lands. Do keep in mind there are tarn patrols and guards all over the place but they tend to concentrate in certain areas usually near places that are well stocked or have valueable property there. The rules to raiding these lands are as follow though.

#1 You must shown how you got to these lands. As well as how you got past the guards to do so.
#2 You must be on the page to raid any place in these lands.
#3 A warrior of the Stronghold must be somewhere online for you to do so and not afk.
#4 Text must be saved and given to the person owning the property.
#5 Theft of slaves though isn't permitted they are protected and watched over by the guards all other things the guards will over look and allow You to try to take. Do keep in mind though you take from the Death's Stronghold, the Stronghold will reclaim what is their's one way or another and most likely take from you ten fold.