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T5 Kills

Now We will discuss proper use of T5 Kills, A) why they are done, B) when they are done, C) who can do them, D) where they can be done and E) how they are done.

A) Killing or fighting is basically a way to get rid of an annoyance or someone you don't wish around or to teach someone a well-deserved lesson.

B) Kills are done when two people just can't seem to agree on something or someone has been upset by something and wishes you dead.

C) People that normally do any killing or fighting is Free Men that are warriors of some kind, be it Red Caste, Mercenary, Tarnsmen, Assassin, some Builders, but only when left with no other means out of it. Builders are normally more concerned with other matters. Free Women don't kill or fight unless defending their self. Panther girls can however do so but it isn't all to wise in Death's Stronghold to fight with any Warrior of these lands.

D) Where can killing or fighting be done??

PKZ/PCZ killing or fighting can take place here only if there is a Male Warrior of the Var Islands in the room.

NKZ/NCZ killing or fighting may only be done if a dispute has broken out and a Male Warrior of Death's Stronghold has told the guards of not only the reason why the He feels He is justified in killing or fighting is to take place but signals them to allow Him to deal with the problem.

Untagged page are the wilds of Gor and a fight can take place at anytime as long as You follow the basic principles of T5 fighting/kills

E) Kills upon Death's Stronghold are done by T5 it takes a minimum of 5 posts to complete a valid kill. There can only be one action per post and there must be a corresponding completion post for it to be valid. Like I stated there is a minimum of 5 posts for the kill or fight to be valid, here is a break down of the posts and what they are expected.

Post #1) The first post of a kill is the intent post. You must show not only that You are going to kill or fight someone but also who the person is You are interested in killing or fighting is. Meaning their name not something describing them.

Post #2) The next post is the moving post, which moves you towards the person You are fighting.

Post#3) The next post is the weapon drawing post, You have to draw a weapon from some where to fight if You chose to use one and You have one to use. It can't magically appear from out of no where.

Post#4) The post following that is the action post involving ways of in some way shape form of attacking them or harming the person, some kind of action.

Post#5) The post following that is the competition to the action You have taken. This is considered to be the killing post.

Example of how a proper Kill looks.

Post #1) looks at Macer wanting to kill Him
Post #2) rushes at Him with speed
Post #3) pulls sword from its sheath
Post #4) slices at His throat swiftly
Post #5) slices His throat wide open

Keep in mind this is a turn based fighting style that is based in speed there must be two posts to complete any action and at any given time. Your opponent may counter your moves. If they move you have to move with them for it to be valid. You have to be realistic in what you do, no super human feats, but do keep in mind that you are on a planet with a smaller gravity field than earth. When using projectile weapons like bow and arrow you must first pull out the bow, then pull out an arrow, load it into or onto the bow, then take aim, fire it and show a competition post. Which means it takes at least 6 posts to properly use a bow and arrow the first time it is used. Crossbows are different they are widely known to be carried loaded, but once fired it takes time to reload one, the must be places on the ground and a hook or claw must be used to draw them back, another bolt must be taken from somewhere and then placed in the cross bow to be used. You have to then take aim, fire and show completion.