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This page will discuss in detail, T5 A) what T5 is, B) who is expected to use T5, C) why you are expect to use T5, D) when are You expected to use T5 E) how T5 is used properly. F) what makes T5 valid or invalid

A) T5 is a version of turn-style without a time limit hindering it. It is turn style combat based on speed and wit. It is also a turn-based fighting style that consists of at least two posts of 5 words or more to be considered valid. Now some may say, ďno that isnít the caseĒ, but in all actuality T5 is only two posts. Kills and captures are posts that require a minimum amount of posts to make them valid but T5 itself is only two posts. The first post in T5 is the action post and the second is the completion post to the action post. In these lands and any page that was built by any of Death's Stonghold it is a speed turn based fighting style, which means that the people take turns if they are fast enough to take their turn. Two people or more going back and forth must compete to see who is not only faster but smarter as well.

B) Who is expected to use T5?? Those people that must use T5, is a very tricky question indeed. In all actuality all should have knowledge of T5 including Free Women, kajirae and especially Warriors. Some may argue this and say fighting should only be left up to the Males, but the Male mind and ultimate pig headedness of some individuals seem to forget and discount the fact that there may always come a point in time anyoneís life that a fight or altercation is going to take someoneís life or freedom from them, this evidently may happen to anyone. Free Woman can be subject to being collared either out of want to do so or She has over stepped Her boundaries, She could in some instances find Herself in a situation where She is in need of protecting Herself in one way shape form or another, be it from savages or barbarians attacking the HS or wagon train She is in or the fact that she is in the midst of someone trying to capture Her. So pointing this fact out to people I will repeat Myself and say in all actuality all from the lowly kajirae all that way up to the mighty Ubars of major cities, should not only know how to properly use T5 but they should also practice using it.

C) Why is T5 used?? T5, is used in any type of altercation that involves some kind of violence between two or more individuals. Why is this well for all of those people out there welcome to Gor. At times this place becomes violent, it isnít always a place of fun and relaxation that some seem to think it is. This doesnít say that all there is, is fighting and capturing but that it is something that has been known to happen from time to time and at times it happens on a very regular basis. Yes there should be some type of disclosure, because it seems not all Goreans seem to realize that it is a rough place at times, kind of like the worst ghetto in America just multiplied by about ohhhhh let us say 100 fold and that is only a rough guess that actual roughness could be more, could be less. One never really can gauge it completely.


Welcome to Gor please do be careful whom you upset. You are held accountable and responsible for all actions be it enslavement, confinement, death, or dismemberment onto yourself and your person. Failure to keep your wits about you, keep yourself under proper control and in line can result in any of the problems discussed above.

D) When is T5 expected to be used?? Well that is simple, in any type of fight, from simple spars to practice the technique & skill to be at top peak performance, to disagreements ending in either death or dismemberment, down to simple spats between slaves smacking each other around, T5 is expected to be not only known but T5 is expected to be used. So basically anything of a fighting nature or a capturing nature is evident for grounds to use T5.

E) Now onto the real tricky part how is T5 used properly. This is tricky because everybody and their damn brother, hell for that matter sometimes their annoying ass opinionated sister, canít seem to agree on one thing. This person says ohhh T5 is done this way, that person says ohhh T5 is done this way.


In these lands, (any land of Death's Stonghold the rules for T5 are as follows. T5 is a two-post speed based turn fighting style consisting of 5 words in one line or post. The post itself is actually two lines in length so for one post to be correct each line must have 5 words in it. T5 as stated before must consist of two posts for it to be used properly. The first post is an action post, the second post is the completion post of the action post. For both posts to be valid, the action post must be followed by, a reaction post. The reason this is the case is because there must be a reaction to any action. Why is that the case?? Well there is no such thing as a reaction to something without an action, or there is no action without a reaction, it is basic common knowledge, one comes with the other, without one there isn't the other. If you donít believe me or doubt me, try me, I dare you. I challenge anyone to bring me an action that doesnít have a reaction to it or a reaction that didnít come from a action!! I will tell you what the reaction is to anything you can dream up as an action. Or give you an action for every reaction. There is no action and I repeat no action that doesnít have a reaction to it, as for there is no reaction that doesnít have an action to cause it. Here is a good example, one I have done before more then a few times with along the same line of results every time. ~~mutters something about why the test is constantly repeated but goes back to the explanation of things~~

strikes the wall with His fist
mutters about it hurting His hand

In hitting the brick wall with My fist, I got some kind of reaction. Even if it is a ďdamn that wasnít the most brilliant idea to do that, it hurt like hellĒ. I still got a reaction. The reaction in this case was the muttering about the pain from doing something that in this case it wasnít the most brilliant idea but the basic principle still applies there was an action, the fist hitting the wall, followed by a reaction of muttering about the pain from doing something not to umm intelligent. So we have established that there must in these lands be a post with an action followed by a post with a reaction for both posts to be considered valid. Both posts must be of at least 5 words in length. If those two conditions arenít meant the post is invalid. If there is more then one action per post it is invalid as well. If someone does something to you that you havenít properly countered your posts are invalid. Examples of not countering correctly would be.

Assailant #1 Sweeps at his feet quickly

Assailant #1 Watches him hit the ground

Stupid Guard Swings at His head hard

Stupid Guard Hits him in the chin

The guard is stupid for two reasons, #1) I said he was stupid and #2) The assailant put the guard on his ass and the guard hasnít gotten back up to attack. The guard didnít properly counter the assailantís attack so the guardís posts were invalid. Now in this take the guard is one of the smart ones, ~~brags a little~~ I trained him so go figure.

Assailant #1 Sweeps at his feet quickly

Smart Guard Moves out of the way fast

Assailant #1 Watches him fall to the ground

Smart Guard Moves back to the man

Assailant #1 Laughs at the guard on his butt

Smart Guard Punches him in the nose

Smart Guard Smashes his nose from the hit

Now going back and forth who is the person in the wrong here?? Umm some could say that smart guard, because he was a little on the mean side smashing the assailants nose in and all but in all actuality he was in the right. The man tried to put him on his ass. That wasn't nice at all. So instead of landing on his ass the guard moved out of the way by moving away from the assailant, the guard then moved back in towards the assailant, swung at his nose and then smashed it. Which I would do to anyone that tried to put me on my ass and proceeded to laugh about it. You must always counter anything for things to remain valid if they have beaten you to the punch so to speak. If you move away from someone, to strike him or her you have to be in distance to do it, so you must move back in striking distance. So the lists of things that make T5 valid are as follows.

Valid list

5 words per post
only 1 action per post unless the other action is describing the primary action
a realistic completion to said action

Invalid list

Less then 5 words per post
More the one action per post, unless the other action is a description of the main action
Not in proper striking distance to do what is being done
Doing something that isnít at all humanly realistic

My thoughts on T5 and some helpful advices are as follows. Always set out in doing T5 leaving little or no room for error. The clearer you are the greater you chances of actually surviving and succeeding. Go for direct targets, then base your completion post off of that, or vice versa. Swings at his neck swiftly, slices it open with ease or swings at his leg fast, cuts his left leg deep. Counter any moves directed at you if there is the least little question about whether it landed or not, but beware countering a move validates it even if it is invalid. Try to stay one step ahead of you opponent at one all times, and most of all, always leave them guessing what you will do next. Being unpredictable can mean the difference between life and death.

Fighting more then one person in T5, is one of the most tricky things to do, fighting one person after you have stated intent or are on the defensive it is easy to deal with that one person but dealing with two people is different. If you are in a dispute and the odds arenít really in your favor you can do a number of things, you can fight back or you can run are the most common two things. If you chose to fight back however keep in mind when you go to fight the other person you must redirect your attention to them. Weíll use a man in the woods confronted by two panther girls as an example.

Pg#1 Looks at the man with the intent to kill him

Man Sees the two panther girls

Pg#2 Looks at the man with the intent to kill him

Pg#1 Runs at the man quickly

Man moves out of the way

Pg#1 Turns to face the man

Man slides in behind her swiftly

Man grabs pg1 by her hair

Pg#1 Punches at his head angrily

Pg#2 Runs at the man fast

Man slams her head into a tree

Man Sees it knock her out

Pg#1 Breaks free of his hold

Man Moves to the left fast

Pg#2 Punches at his head hard

Pg#1 Sees the blow connect savagely

Man Turns to face pg2 swiftly

Man Moves to her fast like

Pg#2 Laughs you are knocked out

Man punches her in the temple

Man Knocks her out from the hit

Man Shakes his head chuckles

Man turns to the distant trees

Man Walks off leaving them knocked out

Now the man attacked and defended properly, you can move without changing you attacking target, which the man did to avoid the strike from Pg#2. Pg#2 wasnít in range to begin with and Pg#1 cannot complete an action for pg#2. At NO time can two attacking parties complete one anotherís actions. That is complete and total cowardice and is also showing complete and total lack of honor. That would be like saying one person swung at another and the other person there to help the person swinging actually did the hitting from 50 feet away. And no Iím not saying that the panthers do that Iím just using them as an example. Always when you are the person that is at the disadvantage keep moving. Never stay in one spot long. Make them adjust to you, not you to them. If you see an opening to turn the tide in you favor even if it means by running, take it. Even a smart Warrior knows when the numbers arenít in His favor that it isnít wise to tempt fate if you can take the person out the next go around. There is an old saying I was told, ďa living coward can show all He has courage later while a dead fool is just that, a dead foolĒ. Iíd think youíd rather prove the people wrong later, then be the one dead. Anytime you have to go after another target, change your direction of attack by stating which party you are going after. Another words, state their name, in the example above it was pg#1 and pg#2, but always state a name or some shortened form of their name that can be identified as them.

Here are some example of times T5 is used