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Pages marked is a room or area that has a heavy guard presence in it and the slightest thing out of place would cause them to go instantly on the defensive to protect the lands, its people and its property. Which means that any attempted kill, capture or maiming of any of these lands or any given safe passage by theses lands will be stopped immediately. This rule applies unless it is one of the Death's Stonghold Free Male Warriors that for some reason signaled the guards that He is attacking or attempting to capture another person that is not of these lands, and they have one way or another caused the Free to feel threatened or in need of dealing punishment to said person. This does not however mean that any may come to these lands and attack one of the lands and the tags are instantly dropped, the tags are only dropped after the Male Warrior of Death's Stonghold first states why He is doing so and then tells the guards who the Warrior is doing so towards by showing intent. At that point in time the guards protect and aid all of those in the room beside the two in the confrontation. All others coming to aid either party will be detained from interfering. Which means the guards of these lands protect those of these lands and will not interfere in anything the Mercenaries of these lands do upon them for after all the guards are Mercenaries themselves.