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Laws of Death's Stronghold

There is much confusion in the lands of Gor as to rules in general. Upon Death's Stronghold these are My laws, My rules. My laws must be followed at all times in My HomeStone and upon these lands. Whether You agree with them or not once you enter these lands you will abide by them. The list below is the laws of the Death's Stronghold. Click on each underlined link for it might mean the difference between living and dying in these lands.

Rule #1)Morte is the ruler of these lands. His word is Law. He has leveled these laws. They are posted for all to see and read. Ignorance of the laws is not and never will be an excuse for why something has or hasn't been followed.

Rule #2 Mirror Tags

Rule #3 Respect the Tags

Rule #4) Who has what protection

Rule #5) Know your role and what is expected of you

Rule #6) T5 is used here

Rule# 7) How & why Kills can be done

Rule #8) How & why captures can be done here

Rule #9) Raids can be done upon Death's Stronghold but is it wise?? (click on link to see what I mean)

Rule #10) Black Caste rules in these lands

Rule #11)This is an established, pathed HomeStone. Which means that all the pages link to each other in their respective order as if this actually was a HomeStone that you were actually walking through. There is no central list that takes you to all the rooms in the HomeStone. Keep that in mind for the following rule.

Rule #12)Popping in out of obs in the middle of the Stronghold isn't acceptible, nor plausible. Should there be any attcks, fighting, maim's or raids, you must bring forth proper documentation proving how you got from one part of the HomeStone to the location that you did said fighting maiming or capturing in. Which means showing proof in text of how you got from room to room and how you got past the guards to get to where you are at.

Rule #13)Free Women aren't expected to wear veils in these lands and are known to be almost as dangerous as the men when it comes to fighting.

Rule #14)After 3 verbal warnings in open room, obs becomes unsafe. Which means if you are sitting in obs, sit there. After you have been told to enter or leave three times you will be dealt with. Which means all captures and kills are considered valid no matter the fact that you have done nothing to stop it.