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Now We will discuss proper use of T5 Captures, A) why they are done, B) when they are done, C) who can do them, D) where they can be done and E) how they are done.

A) Capturing someone is to make them captive or to win possession or control of, the person is seized caught and enslaved. The world of Gor is a harsh world women were enslaved all the time, as were men. Captures are done for many reasons, to enslave a female because they are desirable to own or they have one way or another upset a Male.

B) Captures were done all the time. They were a tarnsman's first right of passage into His world, going to a neighboring city and capturing a Free Woman or their slave was done all to set His sisters free of their daily chores around the Keep or HomeStone. They were done by, Slavers as part of their trade. They were done simply because a Free Man saw a female and wished to own her.

C) Captures though are only done by, Men, Warriors, Slavers and Panther Girls. Free Women do not capture or kill unless it is in self-defense.

D) Captures can be done where??

PKZ/PCZ captures can take place here only if there is a Male Warrior of Death's Stonghold in the room.

NKZ/NCZ captures may only be done if a dispute has broken out and a Male Warrior of Death's Stonghold has told the guards of not only the reason why the He feels He is justified in capturing or fighting is to take place but signals them to allow Him to deal with the problem.

Untagged page are the wilds of Gor and a fight can take place at anytime as long as You follow the basic principles of T5 fighting/kills

E)T5 Captures are just like T5 Kills in the fact that upon the Death's Stronghold they are done by T5 the difference lies in the fact it takes a minimum of seven posts to complete a valid capture.

Post #1) The first post of a capture is the intent post. You must show not only that You are going to capture someone but who the person is You are capturing Meaning there name not something describing them.

Post #2) The next post is the moving post, which moves you towards the person You are capturing.

Post#3) The post following that are action posts involving ways of either grabbing a hold of the person you are capturing or in some way shape form rendering them not able to move or fight back.

Post#4) The post following that is the competition to the action You have taken.

Post#5) At this point in time You must pull binding fibers from somewhere if You have not done so before, pulling fibers out can be done at anytime between the first and fifth post. If you fail to have some form of binding fibers or shackles in hand and shown where they have come from then when You go to bind or shackle the person You are capturing they are free to escape.

Posts #6 & #7) It takes two posts to bind or shackle someone for You must bind both there hands and their feet, failure to do so could result in them escaping. At anytime after that You can place a kolar on them, this does not however have to be done on the page You are on. You can take the captive to another place and put a collar on them at Your leisure.

Example of how a proper Capture looks.

Post #1) Looks at Retaya with the intent to capture her
Post #2) Runs to her fast like
Post #3) Sweeps at her feet fast like
Post #4) Watches her hit the ground hard
Post #5) Pulls binding fibers from belt
Post #6) Binds her hands tightly together
Post #7) Binds her feet to her hands

Keep in mind at any point in time the person you are trying to capture can fight back and you have to counter or react to that post if it is a valid counter or attack to your post. Which means if they move you have to move with them unless you have them, if they get lose of your grip. You have to grab them again unless they are bound. Even people bound can attack you and get away but escape is very hard to do while bound. If you are struck at any point in time and the blow lands you must react to it in one way or another. Those that are the ones that are being captured can if they are fast enough post two valid T5 posts to escape. By this I mean if you two posts or lines consisting of five words in a row without a counter you are validly considered gone from the room and you canít be captured.