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Rules For Black Caste Entering these Lands

Black Caste or Assassins may enter the lands of Death's Stonghold but they will do so knowing the laws of these lands for all that are here. They have a set group of laws all to their own though. Upon entering these lands they must be well aware of them. Which are as follow:

#1 Upon entering these lands contracted or not before you make it to any HomeStone be advised that Morte has been given notice of your arrival and has been given a loaded crossbow to deal with you should there be a problem with you.

#2 You won't be allowed to enter these lands with a loaded crossbow. The second you enter these lands your crossbow will be taken from you if it is loaded it wil be fired and then given back to you unloaded. Do not think you can kill or intimidate the guards for doing so. They have no fear of you. Trying to do so will be an instant death sentence for You. They were trained personally by Morte the meer fact that it is a black caste breeds great hatred for your kind in these lands, the guards are simply looking for a reason to kill you, don't give them one. The slightest hint of troubles and they will instantly try to kill you. If you try to kill the gaurds or reload your crossbow please do understnad you have instant alarmed 15 highly skilled, highly trained guards that are watching you with crossbows, not simply the two in front of you. Upon that time your life will be marked in meer ehns of your existance in the living plane of things. So do us both a favor and try to live long enough to try to fill the contract. Let the guards do their job and walk in with an unloaded crossbow.

#3 If a BC is contracted they are to have their mark visibly on their AV to be recognized as a contracted assassin in these lands. It isn't that hard to get an av made with a dagger on your fore head.

#4 BC are to respect all tagged pages in the HomeStone no killing will be valid upon NKZ tags unless they can show how they validly got around the guards to do any killing. This doesn't mean that they have safety on any pages. They are killers after all and they hold safety no where.

#5 You must use T5 at all times on these lands to do a proper Kill.

#6 BC are to be trained by an elder and have been in Gor for at least 30 days before they will be recognized.

#7 If You come to these lands with a contract and try to serve the contract upon these lands You will be hunted down for it. No matter where you are when you are found you will be killed tagged page or not. Which means no matter what the tags say,the room is considered an untagged page for you the second a Male Warrior of Death's Stonghold enters the room. You accept that fate upon entering these lands and trying to fill a contract here. For BC trust no man and know nothing but kill or be killed.

Be advised Killers I'm no normal Mercenary, I have no fear of Killers nor of death. Death is and has been My Sword Brother for years, it is also My name. If you wish to enter these lands do so upon your own risk. I have since birth taken a liking to playing with and tormenting things that would make a normal Free Man balk. A Killer is only different in the fact the second He enters My lands contracted, His life becomes a contract I have been handed and I shall fill should He strike on these lands and fail to kill Me.

" I am a Killer so don't push Me, Revenge is My sweetest joy next to getting pussy. " Quote Aces