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Urania Recreational Center

Welcome to the new renovated recreational facility in Urania Louisiana. The Town of Urania is bless with a group of senior citizens called the "old Knotheads" they have been the heart of our renovation projects over the years. The Urania Rec Hall has been completely renovated over the last 9 months by our "Old Knotheads" Mr. Mutt, Mr. Forrest, Mr. S.L, Mr. Jerry, Mr. Don, Mr. Stanley, Mr. Robert & Mr. Leon. (A picture will be up once I get them all together.) These men worked for months and completely refinished the building.
We just recently reopened and are open for the summer every Thursday-Saturday nights from 7 PM until 10 PM our New bowling lanes are in and we have pool, video games, pingpong, darts and dominoes justs to name a few games available. Keep looking back pictures will be added.

This is a picture of some of the Urania's "Old Knotheads" We can't thank this men enough for their time, knowledge and dedication to getting the recreation hall renovated. They spent endless time not only guiding the workers but also working right along with them in helping get this project finished.

Named from left to right top then bottom, Mr. Forrest, Mr. Mutt, Mr. Robert, Mr. Jerry, Mr. Don, Mr. S.L. & Mr. Stanley. Not shown is Mr. Leon.

Here are some of our Youth who utilize the recreational hall on a regular basis