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"Potty" Tannehill Memorial Park, Museum & Walking Trail


The Town of Urania recently acquired the Log Cabin Park from Louisiana-Pacific.  The park consist of the log cabin and pond located on approximately 5 acres of land.  The cabin received considerable structural damage when a tree fell across it during a storm.  We started refurbishing the cabin in May of 2001 and just recently completed that project.  Our desire is to turn the cabin into a small museum.  We are in the process of completing a walking trail  around the perimeter of the park. There are 35 different varieties of trees on the property, which can be labeled.   The museum and trail will be instrumental in teaching area 7th graders about the father of reforestation. You can find people at the park either relaxing while their kids are playing on the newly purchased playground equipment or joining in and playing with their children. We have also recently completed a pavilion in the hopes that this park will be used for many years to come by not only the citizen's of Urania but surrounding area's also.  With the help of many volunteers and donations we are beginning to see our hopes and dreams come true.

Thanks for dropping by to see our town.  Come by and visit us in person soon and you can see for yourself how great Urania, Louisiana is!

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