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Matthew's Site for Tuberous Sclerosis Awareness

We sincerely thank you for taking time to visit Matthew's Site for Tuberous Sclerosis Awareness. Living with Tuberous Sclerosis is not an easy journey, but I have always heard that anything good in life is never easy.

When he was not pulling up to stand or walk at one year old, the pediatrician ordered a CAT scan. Unbelievably, to everyone's surprise, there were tumors in Matthew's brain. So our journey began and I've placed links below to our points of interest along the way. All Aboard!!

Points of Interest

How Does Tuberous Sclerosis affect Matthew Today? This journal has been published online to provide details about Matthew's development, medications and diagnostic testing. It is my place to share the emotional ups and downs of the journey. The last entry updated on Matthew's Journal was 09/30/2004.

How was Matthew diagnosed? The first stop of our family's journey with Tuberous Sclerosis, the construction of this stop began in January 2001 when Matthew was turning one year old. Here you will learn about the diagnostics Matthew had to endure before the physicians would say he defenitely had Tuberous Sclerosis and the DNA testing that failed to prove it.

Can I read about other families facing Tuberous Sclerosis? Alex was an infant when his Mom found us through Matthew's Site. She shares their emotional story on Matthew's Site for Tuberous Sclerosis Awareness. Soon, you may be able to find links here to other family websites.

Who made your website? More about the Engineer (Matthew's Mom) can be found here. I strongly encourage readers who are looking for inspiration and hope on their journey to visit this point of interest. You will not be disappointed.

Can I email you? Please email Julie at

Can I meet and exchange our story and experiences with other families facing Tuberous Sclerosis? We encourage you to visit the Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance website and sign up for one of the online communities which will instantly put you in contact with families all over the world who are living with Tuberous Sclerosis. We learn from each other by sharing our experiences.

Other points of interest - Coming Soon!! This will host links to our favorite websites and other Tuberous Sclerosis related information.

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