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Home of the fastest street legal formula 1 car.(1 of my favorite SuperCars)
A great company, the Lucas Arts company. Click here to go there dumby.
The awesomest dead ska band in the world, which is Five Iron Frenzy!!!
The Porsche Website
A side project Reese Roper is involved in.(For those of you who don't know, Reese Roper was from Five Iron Frenzy.)
Click here to go to my church's website, which was created by my brother.
P.O.D.'s website

by Timothy DeRousse

(Verse 1) Hundreds of years have passed Since Christ breathed His last A short, but fruitful life He lived And from Him can no heart be hid

(Chorus) He came, He taught, He died With shame, we fought, and crucified There He bled and shared the light Our sins are red, but can be changed white

(Verse 2) He paid the highest price So I could be in paradise Then on the third day at dawn The stone rolled back and He was gone

(Verse 3) The chains of death were broken And a new life was spoken Captive no longer, we who believe, to this crime He’ll come again, at any time

(Verse 4) When He comes, He’ll come on clouds And there we’ll met Him, with praise aloud At last we will go home Nevermore to be alone