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This sight is mainly dedicated to The Providentials Quartet. It also includes other people whom inspire us and whom we respect. Enjoy!

Tim Johnson-Tenor... Lane Reed-Baritone... Danny Easley-Sound Engineer... Joe Young-lead... C.O. Stegall-Bass

The Providentials Quartet is from McComb, MS. They have been singing for some time now. We know and love this group very much and anytime we get a chance to go hear them sing, we are there. We are very close to the tenor singer, Tim Johnson, and his wife Tammy. Tim and Tammy used to be our youth directors, but now they are working at the Baptist Children's Village, in jackson, MS. Tim and Tammy are some of our best friends and they are there for us anytime that we need them.

This group inspires us to serve the Lord. They sing for the glory of God and want to tell others about Him. They work all week and three weekends out of the month they travel all over the place, and sing at any church that books them. We truly respect these people and care about them very much. We have had the pleasure of traveling with them a few weekends and look forward to future times of traveling with them. They truly do everything for the Lord. They are a fun group to hang out with too!

They all have wondeful voices! We love hearing them sing. It doesn't matter if Southern Gospel isn't your style, you would still enjoy hearing them sing.

If you would like to know more about The Providentials Quartet, you can take a look at their website, ,it has all their information. If you would like to hear them sing, look at their schedule on their website, and see if they will be singing anytime near you.