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art contests

Art Contest:


1. You may use pens, pencils, paint or any other media except for a computer program.
2. Do not send us a rude or obscene picture (nude, rude gestures, etc.)or you will be disqualified.
3. Send the photo as an attachment and make sure your picture is 500 pixels wide or less. If you don't know how to do that scroll to the bottom of this page.
4. When you send the photo please include your name, age, state/country,your website url (if applicable) and if you want, include a comment telling us about your art.
E-mail Us Here to Enter The Art Contest!

Having Trouble Deciding what to draw/paint? Look at these sites:
Painting Projects

Need help on how to draw/paint something in particular? Look at these sites:
Learn to Draw
Learning how to Draw

Digital Art Contest:


1. You may use any media and a Photo Shop program to make your art. Remember, to enter this contest you MUST use a photoshop program to create the work.
2. Do not submit obscene or rude art, or you will be disqualified!
3. Send your art as an attachment in an email to us, keep the image 500 pixels wide or less.
4.When you send it in include your name, age, state/country, your website url(if applicable), and if you would like include a comment telling us about your art.
E-mail Us Here to Enter The Digital Art Contest

Digital Art Links:

Digital Art Help

The Judges and their Judging stategy:

The Judges will be Lindsay P and Lindsey H.
We will judge your art on artistic ability and creativness.

The Prizes:

Their will be 3 winners in each catagory (Art and Digital Art). The winners will be in our Hall of Fame! Also, if the first place winner has their own website, their site will be posted on our main page! (as long as the website is not offensive)

How to make your image 500 pixels wide.

This is not hard at all... all you do is when you scan the picture the program that your scanner sends the picture to should have an option to change the size of it..make sure the option is pixels and type in 500 for the width.