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Synthetic Reality Productions. Banner Designed by C. Hayes Jr.

The Webmaster, C. Hayes Jr. Welcome to my own little section of the web. Here I have decided to display a bit of my skill in hopes of expanding your business. As we all know, the World Wide Web has become one of the most popular forms of communication in the history of mankind's very existance. Almost every home owns a computer, or at least knows someone who does. This my friends is the most inexpensive and possibly the most vast form of advertising as we know it. Television and radio even utilize the internet to increase business revenue. Why not let me put together a web-site for you? Are you an experienced web-designer and not an artist? I can still help you. I've devoted years of my life to various forms of art and I'm more that willing to help you achieve your business goals with beautiful graphics and artwork. Company logos? Designs for your sports teams? Flyers for public announcements? Business cards? YES. I can design all these things for you. Everything that you will see on this website has been created by me. Let me make your business visions into reality.

-C. Hayes Jr. , Webmaster

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Please note that this site is currently under-construction and will always be growing and expanding. All graphics seen upon this site are the property of Synthetic Reality Productions and copying them without my written consent will result in rightful legal action being taken.-

C. Hayes Jr. Owner & Operator of Synthetic Reality Productions