To make web pages print friendly

Go to the toolbars at the top of your browser

Click on File

Click on Page setup, a small box will pop up.

Choose 8.5 x 11 paper.

Decide how wide you want your margins. I like 1 inch for all of them.

Choose portrait or landscape orientation.

Portrait prints down from 8.5 inch edge.  This is the normal orientation.

Landscape prints down from the 11 inch edge.  This is kind of nice for a table or graphics.

Click O.K. That box will disappear.

Go back up to File

Click on Print Preview  It will show you what your pages will look like.

Decide if you like the orientation.  If you don't like it go back and choose the other orientation.

Click Print, Another box comes up.

Decide which pages you want printed. All, the Current Page, or certain Pages.  (Sometimes the last page is a waste of paper.)