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The Bold and the Beautiful
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Welcome to my The Bold and the Beautiful site. Here you will find pictures, sounds, and links all related to the best soap on TV, The Bold and the Beautiful.

B&B premiered on March 23, 1987 on the American network CBS. It has now been going for 15 years and regularly recieves 450 million viewers a day from about 98 different countries. It is easily the most watched soap on TV across the world!

Its time to fight for our favorite soap opera! The UK cable TV channel, LivingTV have finished showing episodes of B&B, they showed it at 2:30am and it finished mid-May, so now UK viewers can no longer watch the world's best soap! So we all need your help!

We need as many people as possible to email channels like Channel 4, E4, itv2 etc, to buy the rights to the show. Channel 4/ E4 would be perfect as they show lots of US imports. Go to my links page and there will be links of channels you can contact. Help us keep B&B in the UK!