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" The Eye of the Fancy"
The Dwarf Hotot breed is a very unique breed. I spend many hours per week watching and looking over every rabbit and I am still amazed at these little balls of fur that we own. Combined, we have roughly 18 years experience breeding these beautiful rabbits.
Breeding show quality in black banded with heavy emphasis on improving overall type while working to improve the breed. We have black bands and blue bands ( which have not been approved just yet, "#Go blues 2018"). I am also working to try and get chocolate banded kits which has been elusive so far
We attend shows as time permits.
I am revamping this entire site and will try to get it up and finalized soon with all sale stock, pets, brood and show quality.
These beautiful little rabbits can warm your hearts with their personality. All of our rabbits are an extension of our family but as space requirements and the law, sometimes I must adopt some out. We do not sell rabbits under 8 weeks of age. Don't ask! Usually around 3 months they will be offered up for sale.If you have a history of not caring for your animals properly and we find out, I will refuse to sell to you. Sexes on rabbits can be mistaken when they are young or small. If I have sold you one of those, I will replace rabbit within 30 days, not 3 months later. Please learn how to sex your rabbits before a show and not after.
I also recently found many Photos of Stock we have either bred and kits were born here or purchased and if you were curious about what so and so looked like well here they are. Yes we are back in the Rabbit Habit.
Yes you can find us on Facebook with more updated stock for sale as everyone knows its just a click away and photos are up.Thank you for visiting our site....

2018 BOB LaPorte County Fair-SA's Puck Owner: Jaden

2011 BOB-SA's Marquis Black Banded Sr Buck- Sold to Jaden

2010 BOB LaPorte County Fair- Chocolate banded junior doe. SA's Chi Chi- WOW!!!!!
2010 Best Display

2010 BOS- SA's Thumper -Owner: Jaden, Congratulations!

2009 BOB SA's Webster
2009 Best Display

2008 BOB SA's Kasmere
2007 BOB SA's Samone
2006 BOB CSS's Bob
2006 BOS SA's Samone

***Other County Fair Showings***
***Congratulations to all***

2011 BOB: SA's Tammy Faye ( Chocolate Banded), BOS: SA's One Shot (Marshall County- Owner: Olivia )

2010 BOB: SA's Bones (Owner- Cheyenne: Hancock County)

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