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Snowy Angels Rabbitry

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Breeding Show Quality Dwarf Hotots

SA's Chi Chi

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SA's Sasquatch (weighed in at 1.3oz)- Chocolate Banded ( Now living a rich boy's life)

SA's Brittany- Sold to Rabbidashery

2011 BOB-SA's Marquis Black Banded Sr Buck- Sold to Jaden

2010 BOB LaPorte County Fair- Chocolate banded junior doe. SA's Chi Chi- WOW!!!!!
2010 Best Display

2010 BOS- SA's Thumper -Owner: Jaden, Congratulations!

2009 BOB SA's Webster
2009 Best Display

2008 BOB SA's Kasmere
2007 BOB SA's Samone
2006 BOB CSS's Bob
2006 BOS SA's Samone

***Other County Fair Showings***
***Congratulations to all***

2011 BOB: SA's Tammy Faye ( Chocolate Banded), BOS: SA's One Shot (Marshall County- Owner: Olivia )

2010 BOB: SA's Bones (Owner- Cheyenne: Hancock County)

Updated: November 18,2016

Duke 1995-2009 , Annabell 1994-2010

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