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This site has many things that involves your input so please look around and send them to me! Updates

7/1/01- and the winner is..... The Buffy Guide with 17 votes. Sorry there was no update this morning but my angelfire account wouldn't let me sign in.

6/30/01- The contest for site of the month will be over tomorrow morning when I make a tiny update. I am sorry for for the no updates until I move which will be late next week I *hope*. If you are looking to have your fanfic posted on here now is the best time because you will be added right away with the new location.

6/24/01- I was pretty out of it last week because I forgot to post the site of the week. I am gonna post that site this week. Down below is a poll you have to vote on which site of the week you like the best. The site that gets the most votes gets to July's site of the month. There will be some updates but not a lot of them this week because I am moving this site and all my other sites to my own domain.

6/18/01- I fixed a couple broken links if you see any more please Email me I added a fanfiction review keep those coming. I also plan on making a page that will describe every page on this site on the page to make things easier.

6/18/01- New fanfiction by Destructo-girl called Selfish

6/17/01- Two new fanfics Now and Again Part 2 by Dave and Trying too Hard by Rikki. Please read the statement on the fanfiction pages. I also added pictures to the Buffy/Sarah, Willow/Alyson, and the cast galleries. Lastly, a button was added to the membership page.I will add site of the week later!

6/15/016/- I added pictures to the Buffy/Sarah gallery and to the other character gallery(Spike and Tara)I also added a new opinion question to the episode section.

11/01- I added the earlybird review for wed. episode even though it's a repeat. I also updated the upcoming episodes and episodes you missed. At the moment I am searching for more pictures for the gallery.

6/10/01- I added site of the week...no other updates so if you got a picture, fanfiction, or an opinion send it please toME!

6/8/01- I got into the WB's red roses! I am so proud! Anywayz we got a new author, Ally. You can find her 1st fanfic under her name or under Wild Child. ASW also has a new affiliate. More later right now I am working on my other site.

6/7/01- I was a very busy girl today. added pictures to the Giles, Willow, and other cast member galleries. I have some big plans for the site this Summer. First off I plan on moving to my own domain( don't those pop-ups annoy you?) I also plan on adding a quiz section, changing the design, adding tons of pictures to the galleries, and lastly making the site the best it can be. I am always looking for some ideas or help so if you have any of those Email me!

6/6/01- Pictures added to cast and xander gallery.

6/4/01- Fanfic by Dave was added called Now and Again. More stuff later I hope! Send me somethin to add and I will!

6/3/01- site of the month, site of the week, and fantasy episode of the week have been added. Also upcoming episodes have been added.

6/1/01 Wow....I can't believe it's June! I just got back from my trip. I added an opinion by characters,a favorite quote. I am going to add the site of the month sometime today or tomorrow!

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