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Out of the nastiest shit filled septic tanks of Bayou Lafourche comes Sheous. Wondering what the word Sheous means? Sheous is cajun french for the worst, nastiest, most digusting case of diarrea anyone can ever get. Sheous started as a side project of Fatality 22's drummer, Daniel Borne, and guitartist, Dallas Gisclair as a way for them to practice. They started writing songs with nothing but Blast Beats and Speed riffs. They then added Elie Guilliot, bass, and Greg Cheramie, guitar. This added more to the sound. Recently, Dallas left the band due too many other projects. If you want to hear chaotic music inspired by taking a shit check out Sheous you won't be dissappointed. To find out information about shows email Elie at or Daniel at . If you come out to see Sheous it will be one hell of a shitty situation.