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This is a quiz that was passed on to me, now I'm passing it on to you. This quiz will put you back in touch with your roots, and test your knowledge of Southern history and culture. Grab a piece of paper and see how much you know about your home. This is a hard quiz, so don't beat yourself up to badly if you don't score highly. Are you ready? Let's go!


1. What was the name of Robert E. Lee's home?

2. What is the main product made by the Chattanooga Baking Company?

3. On "The Andy Griffith Show", who was Andy's girlfriend?

4. What was the name of Robert E. Lee's army?

5. What was the number of Richard Petty's race car?

6. At which college did Bear Bryant coach?

7. Where did Herschel Walker attend college?

8. What year did the last Confederate veteran die?

9. What state was George Wallace the governor of?

10. What is a "Yellow Dog Democrat"?


11. George Pickett only commanded 1 division out of the 3 that made Pickett's Charge. Name at least one of the other 2 generals.

12. Who wrote the song "Dixie"?

13. What was Stonewall Jackson's last battle?

14. Who was Lee's second in command?

15. Who played Aunt Bea on "The Andy Griffith Show"?

16. What was "Jeb" Stuart's real name?

17. Where was Coca-Cola invented?

18. What is the only vegetable which has a higher sugar content than Coca-Cola?

19. Which is correct grammar - "Grits is" or "Grits are"?

20. Who played Scarlett O'Hara?

21. Where is Robert E. Lee buried?


22. Who portrayed Mammy in "Gone With The Wind"?

23. Which state provided the most troops to the Confederacy?

24. Who is the longest-serving Senator in U.S. history?

25. Which Confederate regiment suffered the highest casualty rate of the war?

26. Where are the remains of Traveller, Robert E. Lee's horse?

27. Who wrote "The Sound and the Fury"?

28. What is "cracklin'" cornbread?

29. Which president was NOT Southern: George Washington, James Madison, William McKinley, or Woodrow Wilson?

30. Who wrote (of Gettysburg) "The one thing all Southerners have is the ability to go back to that July morning before the charge...and dream of the way things might have been if only..."?


Which of these NFL teams is located in the South: Titans or Patriots?


1. Arlington

2. Moon pies

3. Helen Crump

4. The Army of Northern Virginia

5. Number 43

6. University of Alabama

7. University of Georgia

8. 1959

9. Alabama

10. Someone who would vote for a yellow dog rather than vote for a republican

11. Johnson Pettygrew and Richard Tremble

12. Daniel Emmett, a Yankee!

13. Chancelorsville

14. Lt. General James Longstreet

15. Frances Bavier

16. James Ewell Brown Stuart

17. Atlanta

18. The Vidalia onion

19. Grits is

20. Vivian Leigh

21. Washington and Lee University, Lexington, VA

22. Hattie McDaniel

23. North Carolina

24. Strom Thurman

25. The 26th North Carolina Infantry (90%)

26. Buried in the rose garden behind Lee's tomb

27. William Faulkner

28. Cornbread made with bits of fried pork skin in it

29. McKinley was from Ohio

30. William Faulkner

Bonus - Tennessee Titans

SCORING 90-100: You are Robert E. Lee re-incarnated!

80-89: Way to go Beauregard!

70-79: A true Southerner

60-69: Still a true Southerner, but a might forgetful

50-59: A respectable score; this is a hard quiz

40-49: Put down the remote and read Faulkner tonight

30-39: Enroll in remedial Mayberry re-runs

20-29: As Gomer used to say, "Shame, Shame, Shame"

Below 20: What part of New Jersey did you say you were from?



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