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T H E   B A R

The Ritz Bar & Grill Our large bar is situated at the back wall in between all three restaurant areas and provides easy access and ample areas to get served quickly.

Food and coffees can also be ordered at the bar and brought directly to your table by our waiting staff.

Music is played in the bar through the day creating a great relaxing environment and upbeat tunes in the evening to get those toes tapping.

We have a dozen draft lagers, beers and stouts to choose from including Guinness, Fosters, Carling, Stella, Caledonian 80/- to name a few and also a wide range of bottles too.

If beer isn't your thing then you'll be pleased to know that we stock a full range of spirits from whiskies and brandies to gins and vodkas.


There are stools if you want to sit at the bar and have a chat with the staff or tables to sit at with friends or watch what's on the TV's.

Or why not relax on our comfy sofas in the bar area. We have three TV's around the bar so wherever you sit you can be sure to catch what's on the "box". If you're just wanting to sit back and chill out on your own then grab a copy of one of the many daily papers to read while sipping on your drink.




The Ritz Bar & Grill, 2 Lochside Place, Edinburgh Park, Edinburgh, EH2 9DE Tel: 0131 317 8800 Fax: 0131 317 1110