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Amana Colonies - Formed in 1854 by a group of mystical Lutherans (the “Community of True Inspiration”) who moved to Iowa from New York. Many different areas of the colonies are reportedly haunted. An Indian Dam site was built there three hundred years ago by the Sauk Indians and there spirits haunt the area now. On a full moon, mysterious drums are sometimes heard near the Indian Dam site. Geiste Ecke, also known to some locals as “Ghost Corner” was believed haunted in 1854, and reports have been made by many eye witnesses over the years who say they’ve seen apparitions. The Main Amana Cemetery is haunted by the ghosts of Children buried there. The children arise every Christmas to wander the Graveyard.

The seven Amana Colonies are located off of I-80 at Highway 6 and Highway 151 in Iowa County.


Iowa State University (ISU) - There is a hall located in the Memorial Union that pays tribute to all the graduates of Iowa State University that died in various wars. In this hall there is a very low moan that is constantly heard. The moan cannot be given a logical reason by any of the colleges many engineering and architectural majors. Students believe the moan is from a former students spirit who died in a war and now has nowhere else to go.

2121 State Ave 50014-8365


Central Avenue - The ghost of a washwoman reportedly walks in to houses on this street and does laundry. The ghost is heavyset and looks Amish, she has been reported since the 1800’s.


Highway 34 - An apparation of a man carrying a leather bag has been seen walking westward on the northside of the road. The spirit can be seen almost nightly between 1:00 and 2:00 A.M.

Between Burlington and Danville on Highway 34

Cedar Rapids

Bowman Woods - The Bowman Woods neighborhood is not known to have a lot of paranormal activity, however Normandy Dr. has had a few odd occurrences. Apparitions have been seen running through yards at night time and some residents believe they have poltergeist. Those who have poltergeist say they have awoke to have a TV set at full volume on channels which are only static, the sound of footsteps in there kitchens, knocking at doors and pets being thrown off of there beds.

Normandy Dr. NE 52402

Brucemore - Built in 1886, the famous and very beautiful Brucemore house is haunted by a glowing entity that has been seen in the library. Numerous people have seen this glowing entity in the library on separate occasions, sometimes during tours of the premises.

2160 Linden Dr. SE 52403

Coe College - This is probably the most well known haunting in Iowa. A girl named Helen Esther Roberts once went to Coe College, but died there in the infirmary set up in the Voorhees Hall of pneumonia and heart complications. Her death was a result of the flu during the great Spanish influenza outbreak in 1918, Helen died at 2:53pm on October 19, 1918. Shortly after her death, Helen’s parents donated a grandfather clock to the school, the clock used to be in Helen’s dorm room. About a year after Helen’s death, sightings of a ghost exiting the clock began. Later, the ghost was identified to be Helen. When her spirit leaves the clock at night, it has been known to play the piano in the parlor. Usually Helen stands next to kids beds and pull covers off of them. In the Voorhees Hall there is a room that is completely sealed and nobody knows how it got that way. People have seen lights flicking on and off from under the crack of the door, despite the fact no one is in the room! Helen has not been known to cause harm to anyone at Coe College.

1220 1st Av. NE 52402

Oak Hill Cemetery - A Czech girl who carries flickering candles and tries to pull people into one of the mausoleums supposedly haunts this graveyard . The ghost is believed to be named Tillie. If she is Tillie, then she is buried in the potters field section of the cemetery.

2705 Mt. Vernon RD SE 52403

Tower Grove (a.k.a. Mittvalsky House) - In 1919, the former owner Charles Novak hung himself in the attic, after his son had tragically died. Since then residents of the house have heard footsteps heading up to the attic, which is always vacant when the residents examine it. The house was built in 1878.

1035 Second Avenue SE 52401


Rogue’s Hollow - Legend is years ago a train derailed and many people were killed. It is said that sometimes you can see the light of the phantom train going down the tracks.....other nights if you are passing over the tracks your car may stall, the only thing you can do if this happens is sit there and let the phantom train pass through you. The crybaby bridge is located here as well. If you stop your car and turn it off at midnight on the bridge, you can here the sound of a young baby crying. Every Halloween an old mill that has been closed down and abandoned reportedly starts operating again. Rogue’s Hollow is a very active haunted area.


Conover Road - Supposedly, a family of four died in a car crash when there car crashed into some evergreen trees along this road sometime in the 1980’s. A small amount of people have claimed to see the shadows of four people standing along the same evergreen trees that the family crashed into.


I-80 - In the winter of 1977 two students of the University of Iowa who were dating were driving on I-80, when they saw a strange looking man standing on the side of the road. The man reportedly was dressed like he was from the 1800’s. This took place in the dead of winter at about 10:00pm at night with snow and ice on the ground and yet the man showed no sense of being cold. Somehow, he was able to look directly into the eyes of the couple...... now imagine standing on the shoulder of a freeway at night, a couple of feet from the road with traffic coming towards you, quite fast, and with headlights in your eyes. Could you look directly into the eyes of a driver in a car at night, with headlights shining in your eyes?

Palmer College of Chiropractors - One of the lecture halls here was built in the middle of the 1800’s. It is present with several different ghosts which have been known to fly around the ceiling. Evidence of this are the hanging lamps that swing back and forth and the every so often eerie moaning. No air vents and / or fans are remotely near the ceiling. The swinging lamps occur on a regular basis and can be witnessed by just about anyone who goes there.

1000 Brady St

Phi Kappa Chi Fraternity - In the winter of 1922 a homeless man was brought in from the cold when the fraternity house was a private residence. That night, the homeless man died in the upstairs bedroom. Since then, the apparation of a fat man has been seen entering the front door, walking up the staircase and entering the front bedroom upstairs. No matter what time of year, the man is wearing a winter jacket.

723 Main Street 52801

Davis County

Mars Hill - The only remaining log church in Iowa........Black Mass has been held within this church, and next to the church, a cemetery. If you enter the church, evidence of Black Mass is still there, and while inside the eyes of 1000 souls can be felt looking at you.

Des Moines

Hickman Rd. - There is a house on this road that said to be haunted by the ghosts of four arsonists who killed six people during there fires. The house is known to burst into flames and sustain no damage.

Hickman Rd.

James Weaver’s House - This house contains a mysterious haunted table. The table was originally bought in 1935 by Mrs. Roy Clearwater. During Mrs. Clearwater’s two years of ownership, she had no supernatural problems with it. She then sold it to a friend who likewise had no problems. In late 1937 Mrs. Weaver bought it from a friend of her daughters. Shortly after Mrs. Weaver brought it into the Weaver residence, it began to make mysterious noises, the Weavers call it a “Rap”. Ministers have examined the table and have opined that it was possessed by “evil spirits.” The table to this day still raps.

1942 Francis Avenue


Grand Opera House - The sound of voices and footsteps when you are alone are present. Employees have been known to see apparitions, but fearing lack of business, no investigations have ever been done.

135 W 8 St. 52001


Simpson College - Sometime in the late 1800’s, a young woman fell down the staircase of the College Hall. She was walking to the third floor when she tripped, broke her neck during the fall, and died slowly. College legend has it that every Friday the 13th, you can see her reflection in the third floor window while standing on the college seal at exactly midnight.

701 N C St. 50125

Iowa City

The Oakland Cemetery - The well known Black Angel statue is located here. The Black Angel statue curses all those who touch it or vandalize it. The statue turned black shortly after being erected. Legend has it the statue turns a shade darker every Halloween. Also in this Cemetery lies the grave of Annie Oliver, Annie’s ghost wanders this place some nights.

University of Iowa - There is a rumor that a triple suicide occurred on the fourth floor of Currier Hall when three dorm mates found out they were all in love with the same man. The ghosts reappear to bickering roommates to promote friendship and harmony among each other. Some girls have reported that while in arguments they find themselves feeling as if something is telling them to 'talk to each other'. In the married students dorms, there have been reports of horrifying, terrible nightmares and of dishes flying out of the sink and shattering against the walls, is it possible that the three girls are jealous of the happy couples because they never found a male counterpart for each one of them?

230 N Madison St. 52242


Stagecoach House and Stables - Near Coffins Grove Park, there is an old Stagecoach house and stables that are no longer active. The house and stables were ran by the Baker family, and now they are supposedly haunted by the deceased members of the Baker family. Glowing entities have been seen moving through the old stables.

1363 Candle Rd. 52057-8824


Granger House - The house is supposedly haunted by the white figure of a young woman who once lived in this house. The house itself has a very eerie feel to it if you ever enter it, you feel as if something is wrong there. The young woman’s ghost can be seen in at least one window every night at exactly midnight.

970 10 St. 52303


Quarry - The quarry forest is haunted by the entity of a 5th grader who died in the quarry in the 1970’s. If you enter the forest, his spirit will call to you from every corner of the forest.....and the sound of footsteps will follow you, until you leave the woods. It is believed he doesn’t want anyone else to be hurt like he was.

3184 Quarry Rd 50158-9532


Pleasant Ridge Cemetery - Known to locals as, “13 Stairs”, mainly due to the fact that there are 13 stairs leading up the hill into the cemetery. People have been known to see apparitions that resemble humans appear and disappear at this place. Some claim that while walking up the 13 steps they have been touched by a person, even though no one has touched them. Strangely, people who have recorded the cemetery on cassette tapes or VHS, have noticed that among playback voices suddenly appear that were not present while there.

Parkers Grove Cemetery - In this graveyard there is a gravestone that has a carving of a face on it. If you come at nighttime to this grave, you can see this face cry about something unknown, if you touch the face when it is finished crying, the eyes are wet. There is no explanation for where the “tears” come from.

6612 30 Ave Dr. 52332-9531


Wal-Mart - This Wal-Mart store on Flammang Dr. (of the Wal-Mart Franchise) is supposedly haunted by a mischievous ghost that resembles a young (possibly twelve years old), Amish boy. Employees of the store have claimed that he moves merchandise from one side of the store, to the opposite side. The young boy also enjoys tapping on the shoulders of customers, and then disappearing before they can turn around.

1334 Flammang Dr 50702-4366


Camp Ingawanas - A twelve year old boy who died while on the swing set supposedly haunts the swings now. One day the boy swung too high and he lept off, only to hit his head on a rock that was 5 to 6 inches long. The rock crushed his skull, he died instantly. The swing now reportedly swings to the height he was at when he lept off, never higher, never lower. There is not even the slightest amount of wind, nor a breeze when this occurs. Some say this is only an urban legend, but some say it is fact.