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I love to cook!

I also love soup. So you'll see a lot of soup recipes from me. Soup is good because it freezes nicely and it fills you up and it's versatile!

You'll also see a number of recipes for pumpkin and apples.
This site is starting out small, but I will add to it - so check back sometime! It's small because I'm only going to post recipes I've tried and liked.

I'm going to be a computer programmer when I grow up, but if that doesn't work, maybe I'll be a chef...

Are you wondering how many chocolate chip cookie recipes one person can have?

Oh, just a warning: most of these reicpes are healthy. And some of the recipes are cross-listed under different categories.

I love feedback so please email me what you think of the site or any of the recipes you try!

Some new items:

Potato Bacon Leek Soup
Cornmeal Pumpkin Muffins
Cajun Cabbage