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Watching Mistoffelees!

We've all seen the video, right? Probably about a hundred times... *grins* Well, if you really like me, then print this out or whatever & then watch the video & look for me!!

Note: I think I need to explain something. Stand in front of your television set & look at it. Hold out your arms to both sides. When I say "he's on the right", I mean shake your right hand & he's on that side. It's just the opposite for the left. And to me, front is closest to the camera. If I say he's in the front, he's close to the camera, and in the back is back there by the tire & car.
Now to put this in theatre terms: When I say right I mean "stage left" & when I say left I mean "stage right". (All of you theatre people know this, but for those people that don't: Stage left is when you're standing ON the stage looking out to the audience and off to your left-hand side. Stage right is just the opposite. Sort of like when you stand on home plate in baseball & look at the outfield -- left field is to your left hand side & right field is the other way. Same concept.)

Now that we've got that cleared up, let's get to the good stuff!

"Jellicle Songs for Jellicle Cats"

1. During "The pied piper's assistant": Yeah, that's him singing!
2. "...Pharoah's commissioned the Sphinx": You can see his tail, part of his right leg, and his, umm, tush. :)
3. Right after Cassandra sings about the Sphinx, he's on the screen next. At first he's looking to his right (at Cassandra) & then he looks at the camera. Adorable!
4. "Jellicle Cats": He's on the screen in the front for just a split-second.
5. During this part (where they're all on stage singing & dancing) of the song he pretty much stays in the front right area, on screen.
6. During the trapeze part, he's in the front on the right.
7. When they're all together lined up, he's in the front row - watch him, he makes some really cute movements.
8. "Waltzes by Strauss": right, front row...
9. When they're spread out on stage again (after the boot incident) he's in the 2nd "row" on the right-hand side.
10. "Pragmatical cats..": front, right
11. "Metaphorical cats...": right side
12. "Jellicle Songs...": Guess where? Right side! Go figure...
13. "What's a.....": On the left side for a change.
14. When they're in the middle of the stage, some crouching, some kneeling, some standing: 2nd row, 2nd from the left, next to Jellylorum.
15. "...or Coricopat": Close-up!
16. "...more than one cat...": Another close-up!
17. " will never guess...": right side.
18. "Ef-an-ineffable": bottom right.

During Victoria's solo

1. While she's dancing, he's in the pipe off to the left watching her.
2. When she's folded together, he runs out and does that cute thing with his arms & she straightens out. (You have to see it to understand) Then he runs his hands down her.

"Jellicle Ball"
1. Sings the first 6 lines of "Jellicle Ball"
2. When they're in the group, while Munkustrap's in the front singing, he can be seen over his left arm.
3. When they do that thing where they move their hands in tight circles, he's opposite Victoria.
4. Then, when they move back out, you can see him over Munkustrap's left shoulder & behind his head.

"Gumbie Cat"

1. "I have a Gumbie Cat...": He's next to Munkustrap, thinking Munkustrap might sing about him.
2. "Her name is Jennyanydots": He sits down ashamedly & the kittens sort of tease him. He's to the left, kittens to the right.
3. "..tiger stripes..": left side of screen
4. "..beneath the stair..": he's in center stage
5. "steps": Munkustrap points to Misto & he runs to the car
6. "sits...": He's on the trunk of the car & opens it. While the trunk is still opening, watch him on top, he's so cute! He peers over the edge, holding on, then slides off.
7. I can't seem to find Misto as a cockroach.

"Rum Tum Tugger"

1. When RTT kicks the ball, it's at Misto (who's on the trunk again...). Watch him sort of go after it, it's so cute!!
2. He's on the trunk still, while RTT is singing about mice & rats...
3. He comes up next to RTT & sings about Tugger being a terrible "bore". He's so short! hehehe
4. "...wrong side...": Misto's walking towards the back of the stage.
5. While Tugger's doing his whole abooooouououout thing, Misto's on the left side on top the pipe. Watch his movements, I can't tell if he's disgusted or what!


1. He's on the tire in the back the whole time...

"Bustopher Jones"

1. When BJ first comes on, Misto is there pointing & greeting.
2. "For he's the St. James's Street Cat!": On the tire... again.
3. "": appears by BJ & bows.
4. "Bustopher Jones in white spats": Slides & pulls BJ's tail - so cute!!! Don't you just want to take him home?
5. Then he crawls towards the big top hat & stands to the lefthand side of it.
6. He stands left of BJ during BJ's whole little singing part. Watch his face during "rice pudding"- it's so adorable! He licks his lips...
7. Watch when BJ is falling backwards- At first Misto has his back turned, but then he turns around w/a cute look of surprise. Then, when BJ gets up, Misto rushes after him so he doesn't go over the edge.
8. "...well-preserved...": Looks like he's following BJ.
9. Okay, now he IS following BJ
10. While BJ is lining up his imaginary golf shot w/his spoon, Misto is behind him, watching.
11. Right after "Toodlepip!", Misto is to the left of him. When the alarm thing sounds & the lights go down, watch him, he's freaking out. It's really cute, and then he's laying down, like he's trying to hide.

"Mungojerrie & Rumpleteazer"

1. At the end, after they do their part & they're trying to get away. Misto is to the right, and then he steps up & reaches his arm out to block their path. I just love the way he moves his body...

"Old Deuteronomy"

1. He's in the front, crawling, and he says "Old Deuteronomy." It's sort of in a blue light, I love how he cat-walks!
2. He's in front of Jellylorum, but then he runs off-stage.
3. When OD comes back, Misto is behind him.
4. Then he's in the bottom left, in the back.
5. While OD is singing, Misto is at the bottom right.

"Pekes & Pollicles"

1. "Pekes & Pollicles": Slides across the screen to the right.
2. "..bark..": Next to Skimble, on the right.
3. The cats with the shoes on their heads: he's on the right.
4. When they're in 2 lines, he's on the right side, opposite Victoria... Deja vu! :)
5. "Great Rumpus Cat": front right
6. "Scatter like sheep": right.. Go figure.
7. For GRC finale, he's on the right of TGRC.
8. "Jellicle Cats": right side.
9. He's behind OD shaking his coat then he runs off.

"Jellicle Song"

1. "We like to practice our airs & graces": Yup, that's him.
2. "...for the Jellicle moon to rise": front & center
3. "...slowly": He's pictured, looking at his arm. He looks upset.
4. "..not too big..": In front
5. "..are roly poly..": on the left, looks frustrated
6. "...we know how to dance like...": on the left
7. "Jellicle Moon": front
8. "practice a caper or two in the hall": on the right
9. "Jellicle Cats come out...": left
10. "The Jellicle moon is shining bright": left
11. He pretty much stays on the left edge for a change
12. After they go to the group, then he's in the center
13. He does a solo dance next.
14. He's in the whole next Toms scene a whole bunch, just watch the whole thing - it's worth it. 15. When they do the hip shake thing - he's on the wrong beat! That's probably the only thing he does wrong the whole time.
16. After the Queens steal the show, he comes back out with Tumblebrutus (?) & dances
17. When OD comes back out, he's by him.
18. When they're all pointing at OD, he's next to Victoria.
19. When you see 3 cats lean back, he's on the left, next to Victoria.
20. While all the cats are laying around & Victoria's "losing her innocence" he's in the front of the stage. If you watch him, he turns around & is watching.. Jealousy maybe?
21. After the mating dance, he comes up right after Tantomile & Coricopat, in the front

22. He's shown on screen, arms out, shaking his head from side to side with a smile on his face
23. Stays on the front right, just watch there.
24. When the music changes, he's in the front right again
25. He's in the back right now, but when they move forward he comes around to the front right. He's on screen much of the time right after this.
26. He's on the screen for about 2 seconds doing this hip thing - I love it!
27. WHen they all jump, he's in the front right, he looks like he's about to slide off the stage.

"Moments of Happiness"

1. "...but...": you can see his face behind Munkustrap
2. "Moon...": Behind Munkustrap now.
3. When Gus is walking, he's next to Munkustrap & you can see his arm... (It's really big & up front close to you, Gus is sort of behind that)


1. "Palsy...": Misto & Victoria are on the bumper of the car - watch them.
2. "Victoria reigned...": Look at them in the back, they're so cute! It looks like he's tickling her?

"Skimble" & "Macavity"... and the fight

Nowhere to be found - probably offstage getting ready for "Mr. Mistoffelees".

"Mr. Mistoffelees"

1. Must I say any more? The whole thing is about him... He has a different tail - this one is shorter & all black. He also has the sparkly stuff on, and the gloves. Oh, and no leg or arm warmers. :( I personally like him better BEFORE the change...

"Memory" & the rest of the video

1. "dawn..": next to Alonzo
2. "Memory": behind, on the tire yet again, you can see him outfit sparkling.
3. Pretty much for the rest of the time, you don't see him much. There is one shot though w/him & Victoria at the end, she's got her arms around his neck - adorable!