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Rum Tum Tugger

Colors: Black with leopard chest
Partner: Bombalurina
Family: possibly sSon to Old Deuteronomy, brother to Munkustrap
Friends: Munkustrap
Enemies: Macavity
Nameorigin: Rum = curious (beast!)
Video Cast: John Partridge
Specialties: teasing the young kittens
Personality: playful, enjoys being the center of attention, spoiled, teasing, proud, has an ego, Other: He is extremely unfriendly to Grizabella, he hates her so much that he doesn't seem to accept her at last. Rum Tum Tugger is a role as important as Munkustrap since he sings almost 3 songs. He is a special cat to Old Deuteronomy, and he respects Old Deuteronomy very much, which is rare because he is very proud. He seems to be very close to Bombalurina, and his good friends are some female kittens(his fans) and Mistoffelees.

London differences: none?

Broadway differences: One of Growltiger’s pirates.