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Colors: white, black, ginger, & gold
Partner: Mungojerrie
Family: Mungojerrie? (Cats do that, ya know)
Friends: Mungojerrie, the kittens
Enemies: no one, really
Nameorigin: ?
Video Cast: Jo Gibb
Specialties: stealing, having fun with Mungojerrie
Personality: lovable, cute, kittenish at times Other: Wasn’t always a full time character

London differences: Good friend to Etcetera; In the original London production she and her brother were listed separately from the four nameless kittens, so perhaps they used to be adults.

Broadway differences: Played by the same character that played Etcetera; puppet that was conjured up by Mistoffelees; On Broadway she was white with brown and black stripes, like Etcetera, and had a similar personality. For example, she was the one who screamed at Tugger.