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Old Deuteronomy

Colors: Grey, off-white
Partner: Well, he has had 99 wives...
Family: possibly father to: Munkustrap, Rum Tum Tugger, Macavity
Friends: the whole Jellicle Tribe
Enemies: Macavity
Nameorigin: The fifth book of the Pentateuch
Video Cast: Ken Page
Specialties: magical powers, the power to call the Heaviside Layer
Personality: gentle, kind, respectable
Other: Old Deuteronomy is the oldest and most respected of the Jellicles. He is the Jellicle leader. He alone has the power to call the Heaviside Layer, which he'll probably teach and hand over his position to Munkustrap when his time passes. He is respected by all Jellicles, and he is kidnapped by Macavity but returned by Mistoffelees' magic. He is not very strict to Grizabella, he doesn't allow any Jellicles be rude to her, you can see him gesture Munkustrap to leave her alone. At the end of Act I, he seems to accept her, but not touches her yet until Victoria does.

London differences: none known

Broadway differences: none known