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Colors: Grey, black and white stripes
Partner: Demeter
Family: Son to Old Deuteronomy, brother to Tugger
Friends: Alonzo , Rum Tum Tugger
Enemies: Macavity
Nameorigin: He's got straps
Video Cast: Michael Gruber
Specialties: protecting the tribe
Personality: playful, friendly, protecting, lovable, responsible, caring, smart, popular
Other: He seems to be the protector or the prefect of the tribe, he is very tall and strong. He is respected and lovable by all the Jellicles, he is friendly to everyone, but rarely shows his playful side. He is also the story teller of the musical & has a lot of singing numbers. Hired as one of the best singers in the company, as Mistoffelees is hired to be the best dancer.

London differences: none known

Broadway differences: none known