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The People Behind The Makeup

These people are people who have played Mistoffelees\Quaxo in all kinds of productions. This list will constantly be growing, so check back often! ~Quaxo

London ~ Broadway ~ Japan




May 1981- Orig. Cast Wayne Sleep
May 1982Graham Fletcher
July 1982 Graham Fletcher
February 1983 Kim Reeder
September 1983 Kim Reeder
July 1984 Machal de Soute
May 1985 Machal de Soute
August 1985-February 1990 Graham Fletcher
November 1991 Guy-Paul de St. Germain
May 1992-December 1993 Luke Baxter
June 1994-May 1995 Thomas Paton
November 1995-December 1997 Fergus Logan
September 1998 Gen Huriouchi
July 1999 Louie Spence
December 1999-February 2001 Campbell Mckenzie
May 2001 Jacob Brent
October 2001 Ben Tyrell