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No matter how much I wish I do, I don't own the rights to CATS, in any way shape or form. I don't own the name "Quaxo" or any of their names for that matter. I didn't take the pictures with my own camera, so I don't own them either. The characters & everything belong to Andrew Lloyd Webber, RUG (Really Useful Groups), and probably a few other people/groups. The pictures that have (C) RUG on them are surely not mine, and if someone from RUG wishes I do not use them, let me know ASAP. I love CATS, but do not own them or any part of them (except a copy of the video).

A little note: I never remember where I get these pictures, and I've had them for sometime on the computer. If you see some that are yours, let me know & I'll give you credit. Also, if you want to use my pictures, knock yours paws off - I don't mind. And you don't have to give me credit, and you don't have to link to my site (although that WOULD be nice... hint, hint). Oh, and I like to link to other sites that I've used for my information, for some pictures, etcetera (no, not the kitten!), so if I like your site I'll link to it! If I happen to see something on your site that I like, say... a list of something or whatever, I WILL give you credit. If I do this & you don't want me to use it, just let me know & I'll take care of it ASAP!