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Costume Changes

We've all noticed (hopefully) that several of the cats from the video (although I know there's some of the same ones, maybe more, in real-life productions) undergo what I'm going to call "costume changes." A few examples are Tugger, Misto, and Grizabella. But that's just a few.


In the very beginning of the video, he's without his, well, stuffing & big fuzzy costume. Later on, when they sing "Old Deuteronomy," he appears in all of his glory.


She too is in "half-costume" at the very beginning. She's without her shiny dress, tattered costume & high heeled shoes. But, like Old Deut, she appears later in her full "glory" - tattered coat, moss-like hair, wrinkly/pained look on her face, old shiny black dress, and old heeled shoes.


In the beginning & most of the video Misto has black & white leg and arm warmers, a full black tail (complete with white tip), and is lacking (thank goodness) shiny "costumery." When he reappears onstage after a two-song & one fight absence, he is wearing no leg OR arm warmers, "interesting" gloves with the weird tips, that shiny stuff over his tuxedo cat costume, and has a noticeably shorter tail. This tail is shorter, looks like it got shrunk in the washer (rather wimpy looking compared to the nice black & white one from the beginning), and has no white tip. I personally like him before his change.


These two are only in regular cat-ery for a short while as well. Before their duet, Mungo doesn't have that shirt thing on & Rumple doesn't have the leotard (which blends in quite nicely w/her unitard) with the beads attached. It's kind of hard to detect her leotard, but it's there. I personally like them both before as well.


In the beginning, he's without his fluffy "lion" collar thing. And... he has a different tail that isn't attached to a shiny belt. That shiny belt gets rather annoying after awhile. Why can't he blend in like the others?? When he makes his entrance, he's got his floofy (is that a word?) collar thing, and the horrible silver shiny collar.


This cat goes through not one, not two, but THREE... count 'em THREE costumes! That's right. In the beginning she's in her normal cat costume. But when Munkustrap sings The Old Gumbie Cat, she's in the trunk of the car with that huge (and very hot I'm sure) cat suit on. She's in that for about a grand total of 5 minutes, then they strip her of that & she has this bright yellow stringy number on. Totally Jennyanydots though! You gotta love it. Somewhile after that, she's back on stage in her full cat glory... minus the other 2 costumes.


This old railway cat has probably the least drastic change from what I can tell. Basically, he adds the vest number. I can't seem to find any other differences with his costumes. He is in his cat costume until "Skimbleshanks" when he's first seen sleeping in the vest...


Yeah, there are others... But, these are basically whole company costumes. Like the Pekes & the Pollicles.. and the cockroaches, and don't forget the rats (The kittens). And we can't forget that in the video Cassandra changes costumes... Oh, and the Siamese, pirates, Growltiger, Griddlebone... So many costumes!

**If you see any I've forgotten, e-mail me at!**