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Colors: Black, white, orange, silver, tan
Partner: Tantomile?
Family: Twin brother to Tantomile
Friends: Tantomile and Mistoffelees, Cassandra
Enemies: He's not a fan of Mungojerrie & Rumpleteazer, or Rum Tum Tugger
Nameorigin: unknown
Video Cast: Tommi Sliiden
Specialties: extraordinary intuition, mystical like Mistoffeleesbr> Personality: calm, cool, collected, quiet
Other: In the video, Coricopat wants to be noticed by Bustopher Jones, but he isnít given even the slightest glance, which he is NOT happy about.

Broadway differences: Coricopat & Tantomile were brown, not silver and black. In the original Broadway production the actor playing Coricopat also played Mungojerrie.

London differences: The actor playing Coricopat also plays Ghengis.