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Colors: Brown, beige and black
Partner: Still too young, perhaps Jemima later?
Family: Pouncival: brother to Tumblebrutus
Friends: Tumblebrutus, Plato, Admetus, Jemima
Enemies: None
Nameorigin: Carbucketty “knock-about cat”; Pouncival: Pounce & Percival
Video Cast: Karl Morgan
Specialties: The inability to sit still, pouncing everywhere
Personality: playful, acrobatic, flirtatious
Other: Carbucketty & Pouncival were both similar in appearance. Pouncival in the video is attracted to Bombalurina.

London differences: There were four nameless kittens, but Carbucketty is listed separately suggesting he was an adult. There is no evidence of Pouncival’s video attraction to Bombalurina in the London show.

Broadway differences: Started off as two different characters, but Carbucketty was booted to make room for Mungojerrie. Towards the end of the Broadway run Pouncival was orange with a fox-like face.