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  1. Mistoffelees picks Cassandra as his assistant twice
  2. In the beginning of Mr. Mistoffelees, Munkustrap, Bombalurina, and Demeter are sitting on the floor, on the junkpile, then on the floor, then on the junkpile again (another obviously edited scene)

3. Pouncival is the one making all the trouble for the Gumby cat in Jennyanydots, and pretty much most of the musical

4. Victoria fools around with Mistoffelees, and Rum Tum Tugger, AND Ademetus (or Plato), and others

5. Demeter hardly ever smiles when the camera is on her

6. There are two cats named Asparagus (they were both great, but what's with that?)

7. The old Gus keeps giving the Jellicles these looks like they are all completely bizarre

8. Alonzo is wearing white mascara (I guess it just complements his color scheme)

9. During Magical Mr. Mistoffelees, Mistoffelees tries to throw a lightning bolt, but it doesn't work. He looks at his hands strangly then tries again (possible improvisation?)

10. Pouncival tries his luck with Bombalurina twice. He tries to impress her during Tugger, but she blows him off. He is finally accepted during the Jellicle Ball (massive catnap). She runs her hand down his leg and...(just watch)

11. Munkustrap feels the need to adjust his arm warmers during Pekes and Pollicles when Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer jump to the center

12. Etcetera also makes adjustments when the Jellicles settle down at the end of the first part of The Jellicle Ball

13. During Macavity when the females are rotating their hips at the end, Demeter makes a face as though she has made a horrible mistake

14. In the beginning of Old Deuteronomy Cassandra slides down to the floor, and in the next shot can be seen doing it again (what's with this editing, people?)

15. During Skimbleshanks, Skimble steps on Asparagus' foot at the end of the first part of his solo

16. During Rum Tum Tugger, Mistoffelees can be seen in the background (when Tugger shakes his hips at the end) raising his arms up to his ears as if he's disgusted

17. Munkustrap is continuously rolling his eyes and making these hilarious ticked off faces throughout Pekes and Pollicles when the others keep messing up

18. Exotica mysteriously appears during Naming of Cats as well as a few other select scenes

19. Bombalurina and Demeter disappear during Skimbleshanks, but appear again at the very end of the song

20. Right before Tugger's first "Meow" in his song, spit flies out of Munkustrap's mouth

21. In The Gumby Cat, Munkustrap, Bombalurina, and Demeter appear out of nowhere towards the end, dancing in front of the cockroaches

22. Watch for Demeter's magical leg warmers during Macavity. It never stays in the same place on her leg

23. Does anyone else think that the slow part of the Jellicle Ball appears to be some sort of kitty orgy?

24. If you watch carefully when Etcetera first swings on the trapeze, you can see the stagehand pushing her.

25. Mistoffelees loses his red plaid shoe during Pekes and Pollicles. Then the girls come along and stomp all over it.

26. Ecetera's arm warmers are never where they are supposed to be. Sometimes they're to the elbow and other times they're bunched up to her wrist. Neither is Rumpleteazer's leg warmers.

27. During the intro when the cats turn around then drop down on the floor and the cam is on Victoria, notice that there is a big dirt spot on her butt.

28. When the cats get together at the beginning (before THE NAMING OF CATS) That when they say the last line, .....ever lasting cat....that Munkustrap's eyes get all big and dart around, like he made a mistake.

29. In the part before the old Gus sings and after Jemima makes her solo, they shoot a close up of Cassandra and her lips are moving slower than the music is.

30. Just before the Jellicle Ball, when Victoria is backing out to make her entrance, if you look closely you can see Jacob Brent waiting backstage for his cue.

31. During Mr. Mistoffelees, when Misto is picking Cassi, look at Pouncival. He's behind Tugger and kind of hard to see, but if you catch a glimpse of him, you'll see him doing a cute little headstand and tapping his feet together! It's too adorable!

32. Exotica changes costumes! At the beginning of the Skimble song, she is wearing a costume that somewhat resembles Rumple's; at the end of the song, she's back in brown!

33. When the jellicles sing the Gumby cat song, we see Mister Mistoffelees open the trunk then duck behind it and we don't see him again until Rum Tum Tugger.

34. If you watch Old Deuteronomy walk down the stairs after the 2nd time Demeter calls "Macavity" you see Mistoffelees walking behind him to shake Old Deuteronomy's costume.

35. This is REALLY hard to spot, but there are cute little blue paw prints leading up to the tire! Their really small but really cute!!

36. You might want to watch when Bomb and Demeter are singing Macavity that one of Bombalurina's gloves is never in the same shot it'll be up then the next it'll look like it slid down....without her fixing it!!!!

37. Right after Rum Tum's 2nd meow in the beginning of his song....I think it's Tumblebrutus in the background, that does a flip off of the enormous tire!

38. During "the naming of cats" Just before they say: "The naming of cats is a difficult matter....." When Mistoffelees is getting down on his knees he almost falls over.

39. Right after the Macavity song, watch the back of the stage on the right of your screen. Jellylorum runs in with Jennyanydots and falls on her butt. You can see her crawling away in two other scenes.

40. At the end of Jellicle cats where they are describing all the cats, I think it's called the Jellicle Ball in the book, you know, where Jemima and Victoria come out first, then Alonzo and Pouncival, then Mistoffelees? Well, at the end of that song when they all hold the note 'Jellicles come to the Jellicle Ball------------------' and they hold it for a really long time, notice that no-one's mouth is still open when they are supposed to be singing that note.

41. At the beginning of Pekes and the Pollicles, when there is the shoe at Munkustrap's feet, Electra comes up and grabs it, making it look like a staged shot.

42. At the very beginning of the Invitation to the Jellicle Ball where Munkustrap is inviting everyone, watch Rumpleteazer when they start to sink down on one knee, she starts watching the camera, probably because she thinks she's out of view.

43. When Mistoffelees first brings out Old D covered in the red sheet, Jemima, or her paws anyway, can be seen chasing the red cloth until the scene changes. In that same scene, RTT points at Mungojerrie like 'how are you?' Mungojerrie points back, looking confused.

44. When Mistoffelees first picks Cassandra as his assitant, RTT shakes his hand like he thinks she's hot.

45. At the beginning of the scene when Victoria 'loses her innocence', before Rumpleteazer goes over to Mungojerrie, she is with RTT, who scratches her chin.