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Colors: Brown and white
Partner: unknown
Family: Brother to Cassandra
Friends: Tumblebrutus, Pouncival and Plato
Enemies: Macavity
Nameorigin: A king in ancient Greece; Plato means “broad shouldered”, Admetus was a character in Greek mythology; George means “farmer”
Video cast: Frank Thompson
Specialties: facial expressions
Personality: quiet
Other: Also plays the Great Rumpus Cat. Admetus is the video version of George (of the London production), mainly because they look so much alike (both have eye patches), both play the Great Rumpus Cat, and both sing “Jellicle Cats develop slowly.”

London differences: Admetus is not in the London version, but is replaced by George. George was a quite, young, and white & black with two patches over his eyes – one brown, one black. George is no longer in the London production because his actor (Steven Wayne) left the show on October 21st 2000. (Wayne had been with the cast since 1981. Wayne almost always played George.) Also, George did the mating dance with Victoria, was one of Growltiger’s pirates, and was a good friend of Victor.

Broadway differences: On Broadway, named Plato instead of Admetus or George.