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~*'The Wiz'*~
'The Wiz'

Jess puttin on her Mascara in her Munchkin costume

Jess dressed as a Munchkin

Me as a tornado (::rolls eyes::) (btw.. its a jazz dance)

Me as a cat (tapping for the tin man part) and Jess in her "oh so cute" Winky costume(yes... I said Winky.. they work for the evil witch)

Jessica and Megan in their Winky costumes

Me in my brand new day costume (when the evil witch is killed)

EVERYONE! I'm me.. in red.. then theres Laurel (in the front in orange), and Jess (white shirt and blue sleeves), Megans behind us (red hair ^_^) and Ians in the back turning around... heh heh

Me after the play in my cat costume (Tin Man part... we tapped)

Me in my cat costume again

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