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~*Snow White*~
Snow White

Kelly is the Cardinal, Jessie is the bluebird (he looks like "superbluebird" heh heh), and Adrie and the canary

Britney in the dressing room

Victoria and Cassandra being bunnies

Alicia and Chris as the deer

Alyssa and Alicia showing us their deer butts..

The Dwarves

Lindsay fixing her pointe shoe.. she's a Mockingbird

Lindsay: "THIS is how you flap your wings..."

Candice: "wait.. how?" Lindsay: "Like THIS!"

Three of the four Mockingbirds: Candice, Lindsay, and Kimberly

Candice seems to be giving us a show..

The Shadows.. arent our costumes lovely? O_O theres me (::cringe:: ), Ryan, Holly, and Britney

I didnt get any pictures of me as Repunzle's Lady in Waiting :-\

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