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10th Grade

I like this picture of myself for some reason

Doesn't Jason look like a model in a magazine in this picture? tee hee.. his hair's poofy


Arianne and Kristal in our little back row we like to call our home of history class

Arianne and Kristal in homeroom... there sure are a lot of pics of them

Our little honors history back of the class family! me, Arianne, Kristal, and Sarah!

Arianne lounging in history class, and me in the background :-D

Arianne and Kristal.. wee.

Jess, Diana, and David... red and gold day. wee. Thats Jeff in the back there.

me and Jason on red and gold day.. awww...

me and Jason from sometime earlier in the year

Peter Justin and Matt

Richard, Selinda, and Rameez

9th Grade

Arianne and Kristal

Diana and Erin

Jess doing the bunny dance and Laurel doing her... thing...

Laurel and me showing off our cool shades.. heh heh

My group.. on the top theres Nicolo (probly thinking.. "can I have a hug?"), then theres Arianne cracking up.. then Jess, then on the bottom theres Kristal, Laurel, and Michelle... if you're wondering what theyre doing.. theyre doing Jessicas bunny dance. I'm not in the picture because I'm behind the camera and neither is Diana cause she was MIA at the time ;-)

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