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My cute little Arthur!

me at Belladonna (a tea house)

look at the pretty yellow birdie :-D

I like this pic.. it looks like it's something that could be on a calendar

me in the office at the dance studio

Alright.. this was at Arianne's party.. the guys are playing Dance Dance Revolution.. the hardest song.. one guy on each arrow. They passed it LOL.

Another hummingbird put a nest on our patio this year

The dog we found on the street.. he blends in with my carpet LOL

Me being a dork when I got my Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix book.. I'm a ravenclaw! ::points to the ravenclaw crest on her "robes"::

me again being a dork

Arianne... wearing my visor.. in front of my computer... wee.

my cat.. sitting in my room... wee

The cat... in the bath tub...

One of the only good things about the AV.. the sunset

A different view of the sunset on the same night as the other

me the day I got my braces off

Me, Marissa, and Jen at Ontario Mills when we went to a competition

Me at Santa Monica

Kimberly and me at Magic Mountain.. we're soaking wet from Roaring Rapids..

Kim at Magic Mountain

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