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written by me

Jaded Reality

As my life goes by
like a speeding train
The reality seems jaded...
equipped with an unfocused lense

My life is fading into a dull mist
the reality indestinguishable from the hopeless dreams

I'm losing the great things in life
as I slip farther into my own reverie
Thoughts replacing actions
Dreams replacing reality

I've been jaded by my own thoughts...
This is my jaded reality

poem written by Jessica

Trial and Error

Always there, never leaving, a true friend you still remain
My wings of pain are reconciled now that you're here
A sister not just a friend
Never looking through a magnifying glass like the others did
A silhouette of pain remains but I know with time it will fade
On eagles wings I fly away not to be heard but to remain and stay
You taught me to let someone in; I opened the door to my heart
My worst fear has not been confirmed I'm under water holding my breath just waiting
They can take everything away but not my love for you it grows
Without pain or dismay I can open my eyes today looking back on yesterday
A gyroscope of emotions light the way
Up in down the roller coaster you still remain
Opening the bottled emotions, scared what might come out but I know I'm safe
Strength like a lion we're both growing into better people
Remember sisters are the best players in the game
But it's time to put away the dice the games of life aren't that hard anyway
I know through the thunder you will be there never afraid of the storm
The wall is down my heart is open
I'm there for you always and I know you're there for me sister forever we will always be.

poem written by Jason

My Twilight in my Dreams

Day ends... Twilight begins...
My dreams are of you... They have no ends...
I look at the stars... and see a picture of you...
here... there... and even in Malibu
When I look into your eyes.. your most precious eyes
that sparkle like Sapphires... in the Twilight night..
I say to myself... Am I really seeing this?... Is this for real?
Cuz this angel of mine just has that appeal...
But all in all... wherever you go... just remember that
you are my Twilight... in... my Dreams...

poem written by Daniel

Cry Crimson

I'm watching the angels cry crimson
Death has over ridden our world
God cannot save us all
Our lives and souls are slain
There is no more hope for us
Let's just burn in Hell's flames
Letting those in Heaven pray for us
While we watch the angels
Cry crimson.....

We're in this for the long haul
And all the tears that have been cried
Are all in vain
Because nothing can bring us back
To our past lives and former selves
Where we all lived our joyous lives
And we didn't have a care in the world
And an accident was an accident
And no one could stop it from happening
And look where we are now....

We can't escape this prison
Not now not ever
We're stuck here for all of eternity
Watching the crackling orange and red flames
Dance around us in the black void that is Hell
And we're hoping that this is nothing but a nightmare
Which in truth it is
Its one that'll we'll never wake from
And see the light of dawn shine in our eyes
And take that first breath of air from the morn
And thank God we're alive.....

But that's all over now
Because there is no more God where we all are
And there's no more happiness to keep our hope
There's only the hell fire and brimstone
That surrounds where we sit
And we see no point to our lives
And try to kill ourselves to get away from it
But we remember we are dead and that this is Hell
And its far worse than we could have ever imagined
No love, no joy, no happiness, no caring
Just Hell.....

I look upwards towards Heaven
And all I can see is crimson tears falling
And they are falling onto us as a reminder
......Even angels cry crimson.........

poem written by David

So this is love?
Such a stupid game
Represented by a dove
Man is that lame

It hits you like a train
Soon it engulfs your heart
But then its gone again
This thing that tears you apart

This thing that confuses
Makes you lose your way
It'll leave you with bruises
At the end of the day

Now this is the end of your time
Bitter sweet just like a lime

poem written by Anna

Cover Up

Hush little baby don't say a word...
momma's gonna buy you a mockingbird.
Trust me darling,
don't you cry.
Maybe one day, you'll understand why.
You couldn't help it, you were in pain.
Every last of your words, was in mangled vain.
Quiet little girl,
don't you fret.
You'll get over it,
I'll even bet.
You cry and you think that'll make it better...
but it only makes it worse.
You think you're crying over one thing,
but you know it's the other.

Sssh, sh now...hide your tears.
Choke down the whimpers,
one after another.
I hear footsteps and it may be your mother.
Cover up the red in your eyes.
Cover up the wet pools you have cried.
Hide your twisted crestfallen face...
emotional mess, such a disgrace.

You've fallen from your cloud,
your stone wall has fell.
Your mind is ringing...
like a broken old bell.
Go back into your closet.
Lock yourself in.
Hide in the darkness.
You know where you've been.
Hush little demon don't make a noise...
momma might think you're cryin' over boys.
Oh, if only it were so.
But that's not what it is...and only you know.
Silence my young one...
don't worry anymore.
Salty drops, coarsing down your cheek...
all the while, your parents sleep.
Crimson streaks mingling as well...
let it all go.
Burn it to hell.

Sssh, sh now...hide your tears.
Choke down the whimpers,
one after another.
I hear footsteps and it may be your mother.
Cover up the red in your eyes.
Cover up the wet pools you have cried.
Hide your twisted crestfallen face...
emotional mess, such a disgrace.

poem written by Dib

The Doublesided Shadow

I walk alone in this forsaken world,
An enigma to the core.
There is no rhyme or reason for my being,
Just another shadow cast upon a world of darkness.
Each day Iím someone different,
Switching constantly as I please.
Iím a faceless riddle devoid of light,
FadingÖ Fading as the day rages on.
You think you saw me in the mirror?
That wasnít me, just your reflection.
For I am the darkness living outside all of you,
That ebony figure you fear above all.
But do not fright, I will never cause you harm,
And Iíll be gone when the sun sets.
For you see, Even shadows must die sometime,
And I am no different.
You may think I need the light to survive,
But in truth, without shadow, there is no light.

poem written by John


Deep in the night,
where shadows speak and noise brings fright,
the lifeless form of a pathetic creature,
takes a bow and falls from the light.

While his back wrenches down,
His face etched with frown,
A light from above,
Reveals a white, flowing gown.

Beyond the shining veil,
An angel does hail,
The man fills with hope,
as his body becomes frail.

Yet he lives and he stands,
A new form with his hand
Outstretched to the sky,
While the angel says goodbye.

The man stood aghast,
and he thought of his past.
Gambling, drinking, wasting away,
until he died that day.

He was thrown from his death,
He received new breath.
A new chance at life,
Away from the strife.

Yet he cried into his hands,
the hands of a ghost.

poem written by Arianne

We were the best of friends
Love teaches
You and me
Love heals
But as we grow farther and farther apart
Love listens
I'm scared that one day
Love is a funny word I must admit
I'll reach for your hand and it won't be there anymore
I'm scared that you will be nothing
More than a memory
A beautiful balloon floating slowly up
Growing up can be painful
This conclusion I've come to learn
But it is more painful
For the man who reached for a hand
And found it was gone

another one by Arianne


I wish the world was not so blind
I wish that it were more kind
I wish that people saw the inside beauty more
But it's usually not what they look for

The world only likes those who are pretty,
smart, talented or witty
I have many wishes that will probably come true
When the grass and the trees turn blue

So I hide behind a mask
Like makeup, it hides all the imperfections
Why do I hide, you ask

(this one's obviously not finished)

written by me


Sometimes you feel all alone
as if there is no one who loves you
but then you realize that someone somewhere
is dreaming of you

You hope to find that perfect one
and you long to see the one who loves you
but then you realize how wrong you may be
and you once again feel alone

written by me

A Longing

You long to see their face
You dream about them all the time
You have a yearning to touch their lips
and have a feeling of fullness

when you see them you get tingly inside
and your heart feels like it's flying
You wish to have just one kiss
and live forever in that one moment

another one by Arianne

Dream or Reality

He has dark hair
And a heart of gold
This boy I know not
his name
He floats freely
in my dreams
When I see him
my heart skips
and my stomach flutters
I know not his name
But there is something
in his eyes
Something about him
That gives me this feeling
Who is this stranger
who I catch glimpses of
Is he the one
I will spend the rest
of my life with
Is he the one
while I ponder these
dreams dancing in my head
There is one boy that is real
Could he be the one
who crosses my mind
While I'm deep in slumber
Something in me smiles
at that thought
while another says
no it can't be possible
It frustrates me
to know
the latter voice
is probably the
voice of truth
As I ponder this
the moon rises again
And as I lay my head
Tears tickle my eyelashes
and roll down my cheeks
For I know this dream
is not reality
But yet as I close my
eyes again
Maybe I can catch a
glimpse of *Him*

another poem by Arianne


Innocence has black hair
and huge black marble-like eyes
An innocent face
Framed with black hair
That refuses the coaxing
of any hairbrush or comb
Innocence has a large
dimpled toothless grin
A smile that lites up his
chubby little cheeks
I don't know what path this
little one
will follow
but I pray that
the angels will not forget him

another written by me

Sometimes I dream
the day I will see you
and wonder what it would be like
to spend a day with you
I wonder what we'd say
and if we'd see eachother another day

My heart feels sick
knowing that day might never come
no matter how hard I wish
It hurts me that
I can't see your face
or hold you in a sweet embrace

Yet I still dream, wish, and hope
with all my soul
and all my longing
that someday
all my dreams will come true
and I'll be able to see you

A poem I wrote... It's about my times at Desert Christian...


Do you remember...
Your first friend and all your adventures?
Do you remember...
Your retreat when everyone was touched deep inside?
Do you remember...
How close you felt with your class when you felt the same Awesome Power?
Do you remember...
The hard times and the good?
Do you remember...
Feeling so cold, wet, tired, and miserale that you wanted to give up?
Do you remember...
Everyone wet and tired sitting in the bathroom for shelter?
Do you remember...
The sea air and the salty water softly kissing your face?
Do you remember...
The games and the warm nights?
Do you remember...
The long hike up to the highest point with the cross at sunrise?
Do you remember...
The laughter as well as the tears?
Do you remember...
Singing with all your heart to the One you love alongside of the ones you care about?
Do you remember...
The weekly message to better our lives?
Do you remember...
The daily routine?
Do you remember...
All of the work you did?
Do you remember...
The friendships and rivalries?
Do you remember...
The fights?
Do you remember...
When you realized how stupid that fight was?
Do you remember...
The day you realized,
you would never again be able to see those people...
-you bonded with
-you fought with
-who gave you their shoulder to cry on
-who gave you advice
-those who taught you the most valuable lessons of life?
Do you realize...
How much you took for granted each day
And how much you wish you could relive it now...
just to feel that loved feeling...
once again...

Mystic Wind Home