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Monster Hunter Photos


The above is a cast of a handprint.

My son, Jake, helping to cast a track.

For those interested in serious bigfoot research,go to the GCBRO website by clicking here.

Suspected Bedding Areas

Tracks Were Found Leading In or Out of Suspected Bedding Areas


Interesting Limb Formations


Limb Twists

Tree Breaks

Trees Pushed Down

Interesting Photos

Logs Being Used as Creek Crossings

A Bundle of Pine Straw Left On The Path Leading to Food Plots

I Have Found Bird Feathers On My Trails Many Times. Cardinals and BlueJays

Several years back I got into Grave Digging but knew that Different Objects were being Moved from Area to Area. My Partner and I Dug, what we thought could be a grave, the next day the bottle was pointing to where we had dug.

An Unusaul Track

This is one of my dogs, Sada, that enjoys the outdoors with me. (look this picture over closely)

Skull....what kind of critter is this?