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I do require a 50% down non-refundable deposit to begin any project,
and the remainder plus shipping prior to shipment of the items.
All custom orders are carefully discussed with my customers to insure that they are getting exactly the colors and styles that they want and do send also samples of the fabrics if requested, and then pictures of the finished product before requiring the remainder of the total,
so therefore are no returns or refunds on any custom made orders.

I cannot guarantee the fabric content or how it performs, and/or if it should bleed as I do not make the fabric.

I have always kept this disclaimer on my site to let my customers know this before I begin their orders so there is no misunderstanding.

This is how I recommend care for your new creations.
It is vital that you use these care instructions in the event of a dark color maybe bleeding.
Even tho you use these care instructions,
and have a creation that may bleed onto another color, I cannot guarantee the outcome.
I cannot guarantee whether or not a fabric will bleed since I do not make the fabric, and do not know the dye content of the same.

So, please take the suggested precautions in all of your creations to help safe guard against the bleeding of the fabrics.
I cannot be held responsible for the bleeding of the fabric and/or improper care of the creations,
and am not in a position to know what or how they have been handled after leaving my possesion, so please try to follow my suggestions as I have written them. Thank you.

Another tip that was passed on to me by another crafter is to spray the creation with a scotch guard repellent, which they say will also help in the treatment.
And, one other crafter says that putting the creation in the dryer with a fabric softener will also help to coat the fabric...
..don't know about this I have never tried it.

If you would like to order by mail,
Just email me and I will give you the correct address to send it to.


I accept money orders and/or bill payment from a personal banking account for any of the items that you might be interested in purchasing.
I will be happy to work with you to complete your requests.



EMAIL ADDRESS_________________________________









Shipping will be determined according
to items ordered, and where it is being shipped.
Any questions??
You can email me at:


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